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  1. Scuttles


    my scuttles for sale
  2. Scuttles


    my scuttles for sale
  3. invisionz

    Are you a Day or Night Shaver ?

    I have tried to shave at night and by noon you can see the 5 o'clock shadow. Lucky for those who can do it at night, their wives probably love it.
  4. invisionz

    Mar-V-Cide or Barbisol has it's value!

    I agree with the we must have germs to makes us stronger theory. I was just amazed at how much gunk my razor had accumulated that was not visible to my naked eye. That convinced me that I should clean my razor once a week. I also use the CoolCare daily to prevent my blade from rusting or...
  5. invisionz

    Mar-V-Cide or Barbisol has it's value!

    My DE shaves are wonderful and I love shaving! After every shave I use CoolCare Plus to sanitize my razor on a daily basis in between blade changes. Usually in between blade changes I will do a hot water rinse and good wipe down of my razor. For several months I have maintained my razor in this...
  6. invisionz

    Hampton Roads Virginia DE Shopping

    I guess someone was doing their homework and PM me with some request for local supplies. I happily replied and then I thought, maybe we should share the info with everyone, especially newbies like me that made a lot of calls and cold visits to try and find some supplies. Hopefully this will...
  7. invisionz

    Where to buy a shaving mug

    K-Mart they have about 4 different latte mugs for less than $3 I bought 4 of them myself. The mugs are awesome, cheap, and add to making a great lather.
  8. invisionz

    Fizzy "Denture cleaning" tabs?

    they're good for cleaning out your camelback hydration systems! I like the thermos and toilet recommendations. :001_smile
  9. invisionz

    Lanolin SC's - Who are they?

    Alright folks thanks for your input and keep them coming if they're anymore out there. I think I want to try the following; 1. Lavanda 2. Proraso Red (I think it might be scarce as some debate if it is still available or not) 3. any of these Omega, Ingrams, Floris, Godrej I have noticed...
  10. invisionz

    Lanolin SC's - Who are they?

    I just tried the Musgo Real and it is the first lanolin SC that I have used. I really liked it and my shave was good and my skin very smooth. So now I would like to ask the community to identify other SC's that have lanolin in them. Thanks, I am looking forward to trying more SC's like Musgo...
  11. invisionz

    Have Discovered Musgo!

    I just used this today and WOW! It was a great shave today :001_smile it really must be the lanolin in it, now I am off to find more lanolin SC's
  12. invisionz

    Feathers - Is this a weeper I see before me?

    Nicely penned, I enjoyed reading your story. I have gotten some nicks with a feather but not any weepers. I have however, gotten some red splotches that I don't normally get when I use Derbys or Wilkinsons. Good luck to you and stick up on the Hydrocortisone :001_smile
  13. invisionz

    Elixir Black

    I love it! Not dirt cheap, attractively priced and smells really gooooooooood. I use it more than my expensive colognes, not because it's cheap but because I really like the smell and how long it lasts. On me, it will last all day long. Sometimes I think it has faded, but others comment on the...
  14. invisionz

    C&E Nomad Cream

    That's pretty much how I feel about their 'sandalwood' SC, now I am stuck with it. Nomad to me doesn't smell that good in the tube, but whipped up and applied to the face it is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! AWESOME! SC+ASB+EDT = AWESOME! AWESOME!
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