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  1. Inari7

    Gem vs. Ever-Ready vs. Star SE Razors

    Ever Ready always gives me a great shave no mater which one I use!
  2. Inari7

    Gem vs. Ever-Ready vs. Star SE Razors

    I'm a big Ever Ready fan.
  3. Inari7

    Oddball Razor ID

    That's one of my favorite razors above, works well with an injector blade.
  4. Inari7

    First SE shave with Ever Ready 1924.

    I've found the 1924 to be comparable to the GEM Clugpruf. Anyway I love my 1924's they are great shavers. When looking for the Damaskeene on eBay look at all the GEM's sometimes they are not labeled as Damaskeen.
  5. Inari7

    Today's find

    I have a (small) collection of ladies razors. I have not come across the Myatt, very nice find.
  6. Inari7

    Today, I was THAT guy

    Great job!! You paid $3 less for your Double Ring then I did! They are still out there, found mine at a garage sale. Keep going out there and look, there is gold on them thar hills!
  7. Inari7

    Newbie Looking For Recommendations

    The Slim is a great razor, I would have also suggested a Fatip Piccolo solid brass, at a great price. I've also got a Fatip Grande that I like.
  8. Inari7

    Introduction and gratitude

    If you are only going to shave weekly or bi-weekly. Might I suggest face lathering rather then in a bowl. It will massage your whiskers and make them stand up more, making them easier to cut. Face lathering is just applying your shave creme or Arko stick directly to your face and using your...
  9. Inari7

    DE for wife's legs?

    My wife liked my Schick Type J. It's got a nice long handle and handles more like a disposable than the older Gillette's.
  10. Inari7

    Do you ever feel guilty?

    I tell myself I COULD shave with them..........
  11. Inari7

    What's your favorite part of "wild" finds??

    This is what it looked like uncleaned
  12. Inari7

    What's your favorite part of "wild" finds??

    My only Garage Sale find is my most memorable. Older guy with lots of collectible stuff tells me some guy came last week and bought a few razors, but might have one left. He shows me a single ring, and I keep my poker face and tell him I'll take it while looking at other stuff he has. He tells...
  13. Inari7

    Fatboy February 2017

    Two more shaves, on the 18th and the 19th. My Fatboy is not getting a work out his year. I'll have to change that.
  14. Inari7

    Fatboy February 2017

    Good Grief, I forgot all about Fatboy February. First shave this month. Fatboy E-4 "The lawnmower" Cheap Boar brush Rapira blades Cella soap Clubman classic AS
  15. Inari7

    Any help with this razor? Please

    You can still get blades for that razor. Go to the single edge razor area of the forum for more information.
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