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    Gillette Blades

    I agree with you OP. 7 o'clock yellows and GSBs are my favorites.
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    I need a container for Haslinger pucks

    Another vote for an old Proraso tub. Haslinger pucks fit pretty well in the bottom, with a little room around the edges. If you wet the bottom of the puck and then drop it in the tub, it sticks in there without rotating around. The wider top of the tub gives you enough room to swirl the brush...
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    My Guess... 3017

    Finished off a tub of Cella this morning so I'm about 1/2 way through a kilo. I'm not 3017'ing the whole kilo at once though. Just taking it one tub at a time. Next soap up is B&M Seville.
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    Can an adjustable razor quit adjusting?

    Most of the adjustables I've bought have been gunked up the way it sounds yours is. A few long soaks in warm water should take care of it. Even if the knob moves, the adjuster plate may still be stuck. Make sure the adjuster plate moves freely as shown in the pics above. Make sure the gap...
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    Dear Subaru ...

    Even oil changes are made to be hard on a lot of new cars. My wife's Toyota takes me almost 2 hours to change. Have to loosen up the front bumper so you can get a skid plate off that allows you to get to the oil filter housing. Toyotas used to be very easy to work on. I had a first gen...
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    Aggressive, Blade Gap?

    I'm not a big fan of aggressive razors either. I can get a decent shave with one most of the time but a milder razor and sharp blade give me great results every time. My Parker Variant never gets turned up past 3. I still get BBS shaves with no irritation. I have one of the first gen PAA...
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    New Bath and Body works aftershave balm

    My wife got me the Graphite version and it seems decent. Seems to do what it should and smells ok. I've only used it a couple times and need to use it a little more before I decide if I'd buy it again.
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    Which B&M soap/aftershave should I get? Cologne Russe or Reserve Fern?

    Haven't tried Reserve Fern but I 3017'd a tub of Cologne Russe not too long ago. It smelled mostly like violets to me. Not bad if you like flowery scents, but I was a bit tired of it by the end. I probably won't buy it again. Either base performs really well. It's worth trying both IMO.
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    My Guess... 3017

    Hit the bottom of another tub of Cella today. Probably somewhere between a week and two weeks until it's done. I'm going through a kilo of it, one tub at a time, with other soaps in between the tubs of Cella. I've got 3 tubs of the kilo left after giving a couple tubs away so making progress...
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    Old Spice Classic aftershave discontinued??

    Old Spice just smells like cinnamon on me so I don't use it much but it would be a shame to see it go. I keep worrying that this will happen to my beloved Aqua Velva.
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    My research on travel cases for shaving supplies.

    I usually take the handle off a 3-piece razor so it won't get broken off when my bag gets thrown around. My shaving kit has a good place to tuck the handle and baseplate/top-cap away so they won't get banged around too much. Never felt like I needed a case but I do have a Merkur 4-piece travel...
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    Piccolo for a travel razor?

    I have one of those vintage Merkur travel razors with a metal case and have traveled with it quite a bit. Something with a case is always an option too but I think you'd be fine with a Piccolo and no case if that's what you like.
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    Piccolo for a travel razor?

    I think about any 3-piece makes a good travel razor as long as you're checking it, not carrying it on. I take the handle off of mine so it won't get broken off by rough baggage handling. I leave the baseplate and top cap together and wrap them up in some tissues and pack in my kit.
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    Israeli versus EU Personna blades

    Personna is a little tough to figure out. If those say Made in Israel on the back, they might be reds but since the packaging doesn't say anything about a platinum coating, I'm not sure I'd count on it. They may be the same as Crystals but even that is sort of a guess. I'm not even sure if...
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    Pioneer SX-950: Should I Repair it?

    ^^^ This. It's a good idea to always use a current limiting light bulb and variac when powering up something for the first time in a long time. It alerts you to a short very quickly and can prevent serious damage.