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  1. hydro-magic

    Merkur open comb head (15c/1904) question (+Fatip?)

    The Merkur looks very similar but feels quite a bit milder than the old type. Old types can vary quite a bit in my experience. Some are pretty aggressive and some feel a bit more tame but all the ones I have feel quite a bit more aggressive than the Merkur head. The Fatip seems quite a bit...
  2. hydro-magic

    Kicking tires on fountains, found this.

    Lamy 2000's are really good. I've been using mine as my daily driver for a couple months now and I can't say enough good about it. I was gone for work for about a week and it started right up after sitting on my desk that long. The flow is perfect. Never too wet or dry. It's probably my...
  3. hydro-magic

    DIY Pre-Shave Oil?

    I make my own and it's easy enough (the way I do it anyway). I use about 75% castor oil and about 25% olive oil. Castor oil is available at about any drugstore or grocery store. It's a little thick by itself though. So I thin it out to the viscosity I want using olive oil, which we always...
  4. hydro-magic

    Modern Williams tweak---outstanding lather!

    Glycerin is great stuff. I add a little to most of my after shaves too. It makes a slightly drying alcohol splash nice and moisturizing. I'm told it can feel sticky in a humid climate but there's no humidity here, ever.
  5. hydro-magic

    Cella 1kg

    If you mean the small red container, I think there's little if any difference between that and the kilo. I've tried both and they both worked very well. If there's any difference between the two, I couldn't discern it.
  6. hydro-magic

    Cella 1kg

    I really like Cella. The performance is close to the good artisan soaps IMO and a lot cheaper. I gave around 200g of my brick away and am down to about 300g left. I tend to put a chunk into an old B&M container and use it up, then go on to something else for a bit. That way I use Cella for...
  7. hydro-magic

    Need help with BBS (is it possible with a heavy beard?)

    The R41 is certainly capable of giving a close shave. I have a very tough beard too and it's difficult for me to get a BBS without irritation. The things that I found made a big difference for me are: 1. Prep - Thick whiskers can take a while to soften enough to shave easily. Noxzema works...
  8. hydro-magic

    My Guess... 3017

    That hasn't been my experience at all. My favorite synthetic which is my most used brush overall is a 26mm plissoft and it's a bit of a soap destroyer. I went through a puck of Williams in 20 shaves. A tub of B&M lasts about 30. It makes great lather but it doesn't spare the soap while doing it.
  9. hydro-magic

    Barrister & Mann

    Excellent soaps. They perform very well and have some interesting scents. A couple that I'll buy again are Seville and Reserve Waves. If you like aquatic scents, Waves is nice and the Reserve base is really good.
  10. hydro-magic

    Which Schick Injector (or modern equivalent) for someone who likes efficient razors?

    In general, the older they are, the more aggressive they are. The E2 is a good one. G's are really easy to find and they're plenty aggressive IMO. The I and J are kind of the sweet spot for me but I tend toward milder razors. I even like the L although it doesn't shave quite as close. The M...
  11. hydro-magic

    Is Parker underrated?

    I only have a Variant but it's a great razor.
  12. hydro-magic

    Burning Blade

    It may be possible for a coating to cause that but I think more likely it's that the blade is a little rough or maybe sharper than your skin likes. It could even be that you're using a little pressure or using a fairly heavy razor that's applying some pressure even if you're not. I'd try a...
  13. hydro-magic

    Looking for mild higher end razor...

    I'll second the REX Ambassador. You can adjust it to whatever aggression level you like. I'm a mild razor guy too and if I turn the REX to around 2, there's very little blade feel. It's still very efficient even turned down low though. The Timeless Ti .68 is pretty mild but honestly with...
  14. hydro-magic

    The new Personna Platinum from Solingen, Germany.

    I tried a few of the German made store brand blades (maybe not the same blades as these) and didn't really like them. Used 5 blades and didn't get a single irritation free shave from them. They were sharp but not very smooth. Hopefully I just got a pack of duds. I put the rest of the pack...
  15. hydro-magic

    Post Shave Routine - I'm Confused

    No need to overthink it. If you like splashes, use them. If your skin still feels dry or itchy afterward, you can add some glycerin or other moisturizing stuff to the after shave or follow it up with a balm/moisturizer. It's all just based on your skin type and personal preference.