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    Recommendations for a Japanese Straight?

    Do you know if Tanifuji also made Canon’s razors? Or what chemical steel is? Is it possible I’ve only seen Japanese razors labeled as such?
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    Finessing the Jnats

    How do you distinguish keenness from sharpness?
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    Need a New 8K

    Well has gone ahead and made my decision for me. I sent them an email to see if Naniwa had a warranty (though I wasn’t expecting them to) and they said no naniwa doesn’t but that they would send me a new one anyway. Thanks for all the insights. I think going forward I’ll...
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    Need a New 8K

    So at first the crazing seemed to run through out the entire stone but upon closer examination (most of it can only be seen when the stone is mildly damp and in the right light) it is actually in the interior portion of the stone with some spiderwebbing out. I guess I’m drying all my stones on...
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    Need a New 8K

    Unfortunately the crazing goes all the way through to the back. What would lead you to drying a stone on its side? Do you find there is benefit in doing this with all stones or just synthetics?
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    Need a New 8K

    Very interesting, the 16K is not recommended for razors, I wonder why
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    Different brush preferences UK vs USA

    I don’t think that the market here favors floppier brushes at all. Much the opposite I think.
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    Time For A New Brush

    If you face lather and are looking for badger, a short lofted and dense Simpsons brush is almost obligatory. They can be a bit on the pricey side but in the next couple days you should be able to find a deal. A Classic 2 in best badger might be just right.
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    New Hone Day(and new razor)

    My experience with Thuringians is that they are fast and 100 laps seems like way to much to me and I’m using a 180x40. I’ll start with a slurry and do a few dilutions down to some thing very light. When I feel the draw on the stone increase I will quickly dilute. For me increased draw is a big...
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    Need a New 8K

    I’ve seen it. That’s what turned me on to the Fuji. He seemed to think the world of it but I’m hesitating on sinking more money into naniwa after so many failures. All though maybe I’ve just been unlucky. After all my chosera is great.
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    Need a New 8K

    I’m definitely been leaning towards the shapton pro in large part because I like my 5k so much. I’ve thought that if my building burnt down I would just replace all my synthetics with the shapton pro line, great performers and the price is right. But I’ve heard that the glass stones are...
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    Need a New 8K

    I have only used an 8k naniwa superstone and it's ok but I dont love it Why are you so Luke warm for it?
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    Need a New 8K

    Hello All I never thought it would but it happened to me. My Naniwa Snow White has begun to craze and crack and I’m looking for a different stone to replace it with. I use it to set up for my finisher sometimes but it gets used most often as a lead in to any sort of testing using tomo nagura...
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    Show us your Japanese naturals

    It is very hard. The seller didn’t specify as to the mine but I was also thinking it might be Ozuku. I didn’t have much of a chance to mess around with it before I started sealing it but tomorrow will be day 10 of curing so I will finally get a chance to see what it can really do.
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    Shavemac 2-Band Silvertip Question

    It will break in as you use it. It’s not at all uncommon with 2band hair.