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    My first wonky bevel.. Need advice

    Rolling x-stroke indeed. Narrow hones also have some utility with such blades as do pasted strops. Also convex hones are supposed to be great with warped blades but I can’t say from experience.
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    Let's gather up the C.V Heljestrand "MK"

    I decided to bring this back into the rotation and figured I aught to post it here It’s not an MK but just a N7. From what I’ve gathered that means pre1925. the blade measures just over 17.5mm and appears to be 1/2 to 3/4 hollow. What the etching is on the hollow is I don’t know, maybe...
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    Thiers-Issard or Ralf Aust?

    Check out theinvisableedge.com, as I recall they were offering half hollows. The Thiers Issard web site lists the models and their corresponding grinds.
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    Arko shave stick- urinal puck smell for you or not?

    Arko is trash! If it’s not the smell of urinal pucks it’s definitely a scent that I associate with public bathrooms. And for that reason.... L’Occitane Cade is trash too. I fear that if I left my home smelling like that I would be socially ostracized and quickly become the person most...
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    What Was Your Cream Today?

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    Which brands are known for their Manchurian badger ?

    Indeed, it’s just a marketing term. Commonly used to denote a brands premium 2band. But if you are looking for something with similar properties to Simpson’s Manchurian check out Shavemac’s DO1 2band.
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    Tell me about SV beta 4.3

    Shavedash.com has tons of samples for SV among many other brands. That’s usually my first stop for pricy software.
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    Naniwa Gouken Kagayaki 12K

    I can’t compare as I’ve never tried the SS but I do have the Kagayaki 12k 10mm and it warps.
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    Brush Acquisition Thread

    Negative, it was on a shelf collecting dust
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    What did you hone today?

    Went to the Escher for the first time in a good while
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    Acqua DI Parma

    I’ve seen some other European distributors with similar pricing (giftsandcare). Does that price include shipping I wonder.
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    The Varlet

    What’s the Badger hair on those varlet brushes like? Soft, scrubby, 2band, threeband?
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    Surefire Coticule Source?

    You can order directly from Ardennes.
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    So, a guy walks up....

    Stick with the synthetic brush, their low maintenance can’t be beat *says the religious Badger user* Also I think paddle strops are ideal for someone unaccustomed to stropping *says the religious hanging strop user*
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    Yasuki GS.2

    It’s great. Often abbreviated Y.S.S.2. It’s my understanding that it is synonymous with Hitachi white steel #2.