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    Favorite Shave Stick??

    Tabac. Really want to try Speick stick though since I love the cream so much, but despite having lived in Germany for two years, I've never seen the stick in the wild.
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    Balea Sensitive Shaving Cream Review

    Glad it worked out alright for you! I never did get it to where I liked it on my face, but I do use it every week to shave the back of my neck (both to use it up, and because I think I have no nerve endings in my neck, so it doens't matter what I use because I never feel the difference there...
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    Arko drying out skin???

    Arko dries my skin, but that's never much of an issue as I always slather on some Nivea cream all over my face after my aftershave splash regardless of what soap I use.
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    Interesting soap...

    Surely I can't be the only one that was hoping that the scent "Fidel" would smell like tobacco..
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    Pick only one soap: what would it be and why?

    No worries, I figured that you knew that, but thought I might as well through that out there just in case!
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    Yaqi Razors review

    Glad to hear it works for you! As I've heard, it's definitely not for everyone.
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    Pick only one soap: what would it be and why?

    While Tabac is my favorite soap, I hope you're not expecting an unscented soap when you buy it, because it most certainly is NOT unscented (in the best possible way though).
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    WSJ article about DE shaving

    I wouldn't say "cut", but I would end up with a ton of weepers in my submandibular triangle, which is why I switched from electric to disposables, which helped a lot.
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    College Student Roll Call

    MS Immunobiology at the University of Bonn Currently doing my thesis at the Bernhard Nocht Institute for Tropical Medicine and then will look for PhD programs
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    Yaqi Razors review

    I do know Yaqi does contract out as a OEM for other companies, but you'd have to ask them whether or not they do so for Parker, I don't work for them so I don't know. Huh, I was under the impression that the heads were more or less interchangeable on different handles. I haven't tried to put...
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    Pick only one soap: what would it be and why?

    Tabac, same as the other gents.
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    WSJ article about DE shaving

    Interesting to see how much blood is mentioned in it. I get the occasional weeper, but I never got an actual cut on my face with a DE (though have have gotten my back a few times, but considering that I can't see what I'm doing back there and can barely reach for that matter, it's not that...
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    Yaqi Razors review

    Hahaha this makes me both curious and scared. xD
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    Yaqi Razors review

    Oof, I'm certainly not an absolute authority on these things. The first one, in my opinion, is slightly more aggressive than the EJ 89 or Merkur 33/34C, but not by a ton. And your skin could be totally different than mine, and could perceive it completely differently, so take that with a grain...
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    Your Most Efficient Razor?

    My Yuma, especially the way I use it. I don't tighten it down very much, so the blade is much less clamped/bent and the blade gap is much wider. Basically it's just pure blade. The reason I do this is because basically I just use this razor for shaving the back of my neck and back, which I do...