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    Calling all shavers who get over 14 shaves from one disposable blade...

    Prior to obtaining the RR GC .84 razor, I only got about 3-6 shaves from Feather blades. Now I get a minimum of 24 shaves. My hair is coarse, gray, and curly. No pre shave other than a shower. Then lather up as usual. I leave the blade in the razor, give it a rinse, then allow it to air dry...
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    I'm Thinking of Buying One and Only One Synthetic | Which One Should I Buy?

    Jim, pm your address and I'll send you a dew synths to try that have been mentioned. (Yes, I'm aware that it's late to the party). I'm thinking since you and I had similar tastes in Maseto Brushes, you might like to try the synths I liked-and 1 I didn't care for. marty
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    FS Merkur Slants and MdC Fougère

    I would love to take the MdC off of your hands! PM me payment info please. marty
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    What razor blade did you use today? How many days?

    Feather-25 marty
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    Feather blades, love or hate?

    Absolutely. I can use Feathers in 2 of my razors and get great shaves; not so much with the rest of the inventory. Those 2 are the Lady Gillette and the GameChanger .84 JAWS (and the regular .84 also). Very true. The Feather blade has to be paired w/ a razor of it's choosing or it will act...
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    Is Feather’s fearsome reputation fair?

    When i first started using Feathers, they were definitely sharp & scary. In fact, the Devil's Combo at the time was a Merkur Slant + Feather Blade (currently would be the 2011 R41 + Feather blade). However, when paired w/ a Lady Gillette razor, I got some of the best shaves ever; in fact, that...
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    Overall How Do You Rate Your Skin For Shaving?

    Normal, average now. Years ago, B.D.E., definitely sensitive from using a multi-blade razor on my face. I couldn't use any alcohol-based AS, couldn't shave every day, and regularly had to remove ingrowns. Now my favorite razor is an OC (RR JAWS), I have numerous alcohol based AS- some that I...
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    What shave equipment did you buy today

    Simpson's Trafalgar T3 Asylum Shave Works Neroli & Black Pepper SS Asylum Shave Works Neroli & Black Pepper AS marty
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    Which acquisition disorder hits you hardest?

    Soaps currently. Was razors but the GameChanger.84 and JAWS have satisfied that itch. Brushes come in second- just purchased a Simpson's Trafalgar T3 since I was buying more soap. marty
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    Carbon steel blades? Do they feel different?

    Tried an entire tuck once. I will never get that time back. The worst blade I have ever used is the Treet Black Beauties Carbon Steel blades. marty
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    Have you ever not been able to finish a shave with a new blade?

    Happened to me with the Treet Black Beauty blades-entire pack. Thought it would be nice to try a carbon blade. However, I could have a better shave with a broken beer bottle sharpened on concrete. marty
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    Yaqi brushes: a "candy store" for wet shavers.

    While I love their handles, I have yet to purchase one. marty
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    Current Daily Driver Razor

    RR GC 0.84 JAWS marty
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    The LEAF Razor, Reviewed...

    My turn to chime in... Purchased for head shaving only- coming from the Schick Extreme 3 which I have used for years to shave my dome. Loaded all slots with Personna Lab Blues and lathered up with Mama Bear's Dublin Tweed. 2 passes only, no buffing, or touch-ups resulted in a BBS head shave...
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