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  1. homh

    Your approach on blade rotations?

    If you like the Gillette Platinum and Astras, try a Gillette Silver Blue. Same factory. Or maybe the Nacet or Polsilver Super Iridium. The GSB's are a favorite here in particular.
  2. homh

    Astra SP Question

    "How many shaves" is difficult to answer. Depends on your beard type, beard preparation, and shaving technique. I've had no complaint about the longlivity of this blade and they are quite inexpensive. Really though I wouldnt buy more than 100 at a time. That should last a good 18-24 months or...
  3. homh

    DORKO blades and/or "Take me down to Weeper city"

    I quite like the Dorco Prime Platinum STP-301. Blue/white tuck with a mustache pictured. The older Dorco St-300/301 I havent used for years. When you change your razor blades there is often a period of adjustment as a person learns to adapt to them. But if you really dont like them, there...
  4. homh

    Looking for a nice Boar brush

    You will not find a better boar brush than what you have now, your Omega black handled professional (10049).
  5. homh

    My Honey Badger

  6. homh

    Yaqi synthetic 26 mm. My feedback so far.

    Good review, thanks. You have too very good brushes that should compliment each other.
  7. homh

    Best Brush Under $20 (delivered)?

    Check out the Yaqi brush collection at West Coast Shaving. WCS is a Badger+Blade supporter. Yaqi Shaving Brushes | West Coast Shaving
  8. homh

    Do you have a favourite horse hair brush?

    I also have the famous Bestshave Turkish #6 horsehair brush. This brush sold for $2.45 five years ago from a website in Turkey and was all the rage in the wetshaving world at the time. The Bestshave website is no longer in business. As can be seen it has developed a crack in the wooden handle...
  9. homh

    Do you have a favourite horse hair brush?

    I have a Vie-Long 13061. I love the handle. The brush itself doesnt have as much backbone as I would like but I have learned to work it okay using. Otherwise its a fine brush. Good looking brush too.
  10. homh

    Blade Wars: Astra Superior Platinum vs. Astra Superior Stainless

    I would believe that these are essentially the same blade. Same steel, same factory, same machinery, same workers, same glue spots. It is claimed the SP has a PTFE coating and a platinum coating while the SS only has the PTFE. But who knows if the PPI workers dont just add the platinum to the...
  11. homh

    Shaving Bowls

    Sometimes I use this when I want a big bowl. Bought it at a second-hand store for a couple of dollars. Its big and heavy, 6 inches in diameter and about 3.5 inch in depth. I can whip up my shaving soap with reckless abandon and make more than I would ever need for my shave.
  12. homh

    New tucks of Astra, GSB, Bic,Voskod & Astra

    Good price for single tucks of blades and being able to "swing by Pasteur Pharmacy" will cause consternation among many here :) I liked Bic chromes.
  13. homh

    Users of Gillette Platinum. What is your other choice?

    Try a Polsilver Super Iridium. An excellent blade.
  14. homh

    Good inexpensive blade that gives a smooth shave

    Astras are good. Also consider Dorco Prime Platinum (the ones with a mustache on the tuck).
  15. homh

    Shark super chrome

    Lord makes generally good blades. No experience with Shark Chromes but have a hundred Shark Stainless. No complaints about them, there are better blades such as Astras at about the same price though. But Sharks have a great name and great imagary.
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