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    Anyone for Espresso?

  2. HlSheppard

    Cigar Cutter Question

    I have owned (or own) just about every "popular" cutter out there (Dunhill, Xikar, various punches, etc). I even have a custom-made cutter that I got while in Japan! In short, the Palio is the best one of all - and has been been my "go-to" cutter since I got it a few years back. Very, VERY...
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    Who is Who - Our Emeritus Members

    Click my Avatar to start a conversation or learn more about me.
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    Coffee Brewing Methods - Notes of a Homeroaster

    I just want to say thanks for a great thread, Scotto! Good stuff. I can't wait to hear your take on vac. brewing (my personal favorite second to espresso). BTW - if anyone has a contact to get a Hario brewer in the U.S., PLEASE let me know!!:w00t:
  5. HlSheppard

    Hat time

    LOL - same here! I'm not sure WHAT I am on the pen forum...:confused:
  6. pictures033


  7. HlSheppard

    Coffee Roasters.

    I started about 10 years ago with a Hearthware Precision that is still functioning to this day (unlike many of them). In addition to that I have the now renamed "Zach and Danny's" roaster as well as the newer Hearthware product, the I-Roast (the first version). I've also owned an Alpenroast...
  8. HlSheppard

    Who Knows Espresso Machines?

    I'll agree with Scotto on this this one. I tend to not just get into but GET INTO my "hobbies" (read: obsessions). I can't tell you how much extra money I've spend going cheaper at first and then working my way up. I realize the prevailing wisdom in "start small to see if you like it" and so...
  9. HlSheppard

    Jaded Cigar quest

    Just finished my first Royal Jamaica toro. What a fine, mild smoke. PERFECT draw and construction. Thanks for turning me on to these fine cigars! :thumbup1:
  10. HlSheppard

    Seiko Vs. Citizen

    I've had my share of both Citizens and Seikos. My current "everyday" watch is a higher end Seiko with sapphire crystal. In the last year (actually 13 months) I've had it, it has lost exactly 2 seconds when compared to my Casio Atomic watch. I've had some swiss quarts watches (Wenger, etc)...
  11. HlSheppard

    Art of Shaving (AOS) Rose Absolute Shaving Cream

    Did you happen to notice that AOS now has this product in a jar (like the manly creams)?
  12. HlSheppard

    Coffee Grinders & my Solis Maestro Plus

    The short answer is no. Those pots will make a good cup of strong coffee, but they can't produce the pressure needed to make actual (real) espresso.
  13. HlSheppard

    Coffee Grinders & my Solis Maestro Plus

    I heard that they're going to be available again (if true, GREAT news). They are AWESOME grinders! I'm just too damned lazy...:blushing:
  14. HlSheppard

    Coffee Grinders & my Solis Maestro Plus

    Who the hell (cough, COUGH) are you talking about???!!! :rolleyes: (that's a 24 second ristretto, mister!) :biggrin:
  15. HlSheppard

    Coffee Grinders & my Solis Maestro Plus

    To what? Do you mean the different models of Mazzers? Doesn't matter to me - I could only afford the Mini! :biggrin: The Mazzer "E" models are the Mini with electronic dosing sections (cool but WAY up the $$ ladder). The Super Jolly is full-bore commercial. A bit stronger motor with a...
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