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    Just how smooth are Timeless Titanium razors?

    Very interesting. the tech was one of the last de razors I let go of as I too enjoyed its shave. If the titanium can outperform the tech it might be worth trying.
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    Just how smooth are Timeless Titanium razors?

    I recently bought an SS Scalloped Open Comb but did not like the weight as I prefer lighter razors and sold it before using it more than twice. Within the last few weeks I discovered injectors and have been getting smoother shaves than any combintion of over 100 different DE and SE razors tried...
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    Difference in Timeless razors?

    out of curiosity, does anyone have a Razorock Titanium 100mm handle they could attached to a Timeless open comb head to post a photo of what it looks like? I think those might be made for each other.
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    Polished Timeless Ti! I can't wait!

    I checked with Timeless this morning and Matt confirmed these will be a regular part of their lineup and not limited. The processing time just takes longer than a normal order due to the polish work and maybe if we are lucky someday other handle variations will be available. Here's for hoping!
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    Found the next rabbit hole...Injectors

    I found the post, but the only other possible interest would be an E2 which has the chance to change blades without needing an injector cartridge.
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    Found the next rabbit hole...Injectors

    After a 5 year journey exploring SE, AC, and DE razors to find my tops picks of each, I am now into the next hole....which appears to not be so deep. I already purchased an NOS L1 Lady Schick and an O-Clone months ago but only recently shaved with the O-Clone last week. The shave was so...
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    My Growing Ever Ready Collection to Restore and Adore

    That is the 200 style and complete different than my collection
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    My Growing Ever Ready Collection to Restore and Adore

    that little figure is actually a Buddha. A friendly reminder to me that life is all about Karma.
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    My Growing Ever Ready Collection to Restore and Adore

    LandPirate, I have both the 100 and 150 in the top photo(the far left is a 200). The one in the middle of the bottom photo I also have and is actually next to the Adoration in my photo but looks dark brown due to lighting and the poor quality of the photo. I asked the gent who has those 3...
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    My Growing Ever Ready Collection to Restore and Adore

    The image that did not load correctly was the same photo, but I could not figure out how to remove it when I did get the photo to post correctly. I did realize after posting I forgot to include my 400PB which is a white top white bottom brush with Pure Badger. Someone from another forum sent me...
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    My Growing Ever Ready Collection to Restore and Adore

    I have been collecting over the last 2 years a certain handle style of Ever Ready that matches to the 100,150, 250 and 400 models as they all have interchangeable parts. I absolutely love this type of handle in my hand. Below is my current collection which pretty much has about every possible...
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    Barrister and Mann announcement ... discontinuation of the Latha line

    if anyone is interested, West Coast shaving is offering free shipping this week. Easier to restock the Latha product.s
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    Full (Rubberset 200) House, or is this a Royal Flush?

    resurrecting an old thread.....does anyone have the handle specs on the 1-6 sizes for an exact comparison?
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    Anyone with experience using engraving tools to restore vintage brush lettering?

    I have a few ER 100 brushes I would really like to restore some depth to certain letters which are worn off from time or accidentally sanded down during restore. I am concerned using a Dremel with extremely small/fine bits is too risky for such fine work, but again that is how engraving is...
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    Taking apart an Ever Ready 100

    I would like to switch the Ferrel on 2 of my ER 100 brushes like the models in the photo below but cant figure out how to take them apart without destroying the bases. Any tips for how to accomplish this?