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    Good day in the wild!

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    Still can't find the perfect setup.

    As mentioned above, it will take some time, experimentation and adjustment of expectations. What helped me was knowing how my beard grows and knowing how to get the desired degree of smoothness with the least effort. This is what largely eliminated irritation for me. So I rely on razors that...
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    Step down from Gillette NEW LC

    Well done! :thumbsup:
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    Found a 1962 at antique store

    Nice haul :a17:
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    Wolfman is open

    LOL I was thinking exactly the same thing.
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    Apex duty/carry spring kit for S&W MP .45

    What a difference. Out of the box the trigger on my MP .45 was hideously heavy, well in excess of 10 lbs (at least feels that way). After ordering the Apex kit I had the chance to drop in the sear, sear spring and trigger spring yesterday. Night and day difference. This is the "duty/carry" kit...
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    Single Ring Cleanup

    Very nice :thumbup1:
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    Comb Type Evolution

    If I were to speculate (take that for what it's worth), it would be related to what test users reported to razor makers (mainly Gillette) as being more comfortable or effective for them during evaluation trials, or from feedback they received from users of production razors. Speculative also is...
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    King Gillette Weekend

    Very nice, classic razor for sure.
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    Cold water shave: my first, most likely not the last

    It seems like it's more in the technique. When I hit a really good lather it's because I've got the right amount of water and have the brush loaded adequately. I use a synthetic from Razorock to face lather and it generally performs well with the biggest variable being me and the soap/cream in use.
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    Cold water shave: my first, most likely not the last

    It's a seasonal thing for me and I'm definitely using cooler water for building lather in this type of weather.
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    Parker Variant: Long(ish)-term Review

    Do post your review, and congrats :thumbup1:
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    Rockwell 6S: I Have Found "The One."

    Nice set up Dave!
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    What razor/blade did you use today

    Rockwell 6s (R4) / German Wilkinson Sword (2) :a17:
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    Rockwell 6S: I Have Found "The One."

    Yesterday's shave went so smoothly, so perfectly, I had to repeat it again today. Though normally I do two passes (WTG and a mix of XTG and ATG depending on facial area) plus touch up, today I deliberately factored in three passes. That's how comfortable the German Wilkinson Sword blade is on...
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