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  1. hermy65

    WTB: Tabula Rasa Steampunk - B&M Vetiver, Heather & Clary Sage

    Steam punk acquired, still looking for VHCS
  2. hermy65

    WTB: Tabula Rasa Steampunk - B&M Vetiver, Heather & Clary Sage

    Im looking to acquire both a tub of Tabula Rasa Steampunk and a tub of Barrister & Mann Vetiver, Heather and Clary Sage soap Let me know if you have one you would like to move.
  3. hermy65

    WTB - Cold River Soapworks Winter, Paradise

    Im looking to acquire these two soap, if you have it and would be willing to sell it let me know. I also have a few soaps/aftershaves i could trade too
  4. hermy65

    Dark Holler Design Works preview

    Mine arrived on Friday and it is gorgeous as well! Here is a picture of my alt-horn Cheif!
  5. img 3153

    img 3153

  6. hermy65

    WTB: Ikon Sharecaft 102 head / Ikon SE Handle

    Title says it all, i want to buy both a 102 head and a SE handle. Does not need to be from the same person although that would be helpful.
  7. ewoovvk


  8. hermy65

    Barrister & Mann "Black Label"

    I picked up Beaudelaire last night, hopefully it smells as good as the description.
  9. knxno2k


  10. v6s827z


  11. ufnezf3


  12. oegepdt


  13. hermy65

    B&M Leviathan and Nocturne!

    Anybody else get weird looks from SWMBO when staying up late to order soap?
  14. hermy65

    Found in the wild

    Nice find!
  15. hermy65

    Rudy Vey 2014 B&B Merit Award Marco

    Very nice brush Marco, congrats!
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