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    Marco Member Interview

    Nice to read this interview Marco. If you ever get to the West Coast of California, I’d like to meet you.
  2. Henry Green

    Artist Club Razor Maneuverability

    The Vector threatens to replace everything in my shave den.
  3. Henry Green

    Approaching 70 & never ever used a real razor.

    I’ve been head shaving for decades. Cartridges until about ten years ago. With care, any double edge works for me - my biggest issue is having the razor clog up on me. Just started using a Razorock single edge, which feels a little heavy in the hand, but is surprisingly efficient. I have to be...
  4. Henry Green

    Farmer Tan

    Well shaved heads on pikes!
  5. Henry Green

    Farmer Tan

    Perhaps Marquis de Martin de Candre
  6. Henry Green

    Farmer Tan

    What time do the Guards change shifts at the Tan Palace? That’s when we’ll make our move. Gotta keep this on the down low.
  7. Henry Green

    Farmer Tan

    I’m tired of suffering under the brutal Farmer Tan regime. Any comrades want to join me in rebellion? Also, where is my sandwich?
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    How to choose a hat?

    A few years ago I was working with my father-in-law (RIP). We had just bought a nice new tool and needed to insert a blade. Being really old school, he had tossed the manual, and was about to disassemble the damn thing (and void the warranty). I grabbed my phone and a 20 second long YouTube...
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    Farmer Tan

    Congratulations Farmer Tan!
  10. Henry Green

    Power tools.

    Me too! All the pro builders I know use them. Added them, and the drivers to my tool bag some years back.
  11. Henry Green

    Power tools.

    Me too! Spax are great. I just thought his description was funny.
  12. Henry Green

    Power tools.

    I love tools, and using them. I’ve never bought a tool that hasn’t earned its keep. For years I’ve tried to interest my son in this stuff, to little avail. Just got a text from him asking to borrow a few for some weekend projects- meeting him with a drill, tape measure, level, and a few hand...
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    What are you drinking tonight?

    Sazerac is the default drink around here.
  14. Henry Green

    Last night at the homestead.

  15. Henry Green

    Temporary visitor

    On its way to the cafe- the baristas love it.
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