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  • G'day Harry

    Sorry for the delay getting back to you - I just found this message!

    In response to Q 1 - yes I have tried lots of others - Gillette Super Speed, SeaGull, Parker (yuk!), Feather Popular, Schick Krona as well as several other Merkurs (1904, LHC, etc). Whilst I still use my other Merkurs and the Krona from time to time, the Slant is really the best of the whole bunch.

    Brazilian made Wilkinson Sword blades are available in most big supermarkets here, or Priceline stores and the quality is excellent - but they can be expensive. You can go to blademail.co.uk and get them from the UK quite cheaply (these are made in Germany but are still quite good). Feather blades are excellent too and can be had locally from mensbiz.com.au (talk to Nathan there; he's beaut to deal with).

    West Coast Shaving also stocks Wilkies and his postage rates are very fair.

    Hope this helps!

    Tom H
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