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  1. Hak.1963

    Aftershaves with "staying power"?

    I was thinking, After shave with staying power and a higher concentration of perfume oils, what about Extro Cosmetics? I have never tried this brand my self but the reviews are very good. Apparently they hav a concentration of 10 % perfume oils and can be used as an edt as well as an AS.
  2. Hak.1963

    Slant Razor Advice

    Parker Semi-Slant!! One of my absolute favorite razors.
  3. Hak.1963

    Lord L6 on WCS brass handle

    That is correct sir!
  4. Hak.1963

    Zomchi DE razor

    I said the head looks just like the head of Vali and Rijk razors, I never said anything about the handle on this razor. Then I said Vali and Rijk are clones of Parker 111w with the same handle. I'm sorry if I was (more than) a little confusing
  5. Hak.1963

    Lord L6 on WCS brass handle

    I also have the Lord S-625-1, the newer version of Lord L6. I believe the newer razor is a bit more aggressive than the old L6. I also get better shaves with a heavier and thicker handle. I have the Lord L5 as well and I have to say that the L5 is one of the best Tech-clones on the market and...
  6. Hak.1963

    Matador de luxe

    I have one just like that. Very nice and effective razor. Quite heavy so I would guess it is made of brass. (Here) in Sweden we can usually find old Matadors for 2-4 Euros in our local flea markets and second hand shops.
  7. Hak.1963

    Zomchi DE razor

    If the head is the same as the head on the Swedish Vali or Rijk it will hold the blade quite rigidly.
  8. Hak.1963

    Zomchi DE razor

    The head looks just like the Swedish Vali razor, and the Swedish Rijk razor. I have them both and they actually shave very well. I guess the manufacturer make millions of heads like this for a million different brands. If you want to spend 20 bucks on it, why not? If the razor is as good as...
  9. Hak.1963

    Info on Kikuboshi 1302?

    Thank you. I have already browsed through that site and that's where I read it was made after 1941 when they changed the name from Takehana to Kikuboshi.
  10. Hak.1963

    Info on Kikuboshi 1302?

    Good evening! I just received a Kikuboshi 1302 Straight Razor. There's not much information on the internet and all I know is the knife is from Japan and are made after 1941. Anyone here knows anything about this razor?
  11. Hak.1963

    Aftershaves with "staying power"?

    The Polish Wars have a great staying power on my skin, maybe 4-5 hours. Razorock Puros, the soap and AS together lasts at least 7 hours. Tabac soap and AS togehter will last almost 24 hours on my skin, at least my wife complains after 24 hours (she hates Tabac)
  12. Hak.1963

    Mildest Blade?

    Right now I have to say Derby Extra in my Parker Semi-Slant or in my British Gillette Flare Tip. So smooth and mild, and no irritation what so ever 🥰
  13. Hak.1963

    Best fragrance for a manly man?

    Back in the day... Manly men wore Brut, Tabac, 4711, Aqua Vera, Old Spice, Acqua di Parma, Caron, Aramis, Aqua Velva, and other manly fragrances back in the day :c2: But how many of these fragrances are considered to be manly or masculine today? I guess it's a matter of taste, but for me many...
  14. Hak.1963

    What shave stick did you use today?

    Tabac ❤️
  15. Hak.1963

    How long the Proraso Red Aftershave smell lasts for you?

    I love Proraso Red and my tip for the scent to last longer is to first use Proraso Red shaving soap when you shave, then wash your face with the rest of the shaving soap and then finish with Proraso Red Pre-Shave Cream and a good splash of Proraso Red Aftershave. Proraso Pre-Shave is an...
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