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  1. haggis2a

    A quick head count

    Evening all. My last entry shows me in Auckland, NZ. Moved out of the 'big smoke' (OK, by NZ standards, that is) a few months ago. Now in Oropi, Bay of Plenty, NZ.
  2. haggis2a

    What is your current 'go-to' DE blade?

    I have two 'go to' blades and a range of very close 'seconds'. For all of my closed comb modern razors I have no hesitation in loading a Gillette Nacet Stainless. Fantastic sharp, smooth performer that works in every razor I have tried and especially my closed combs. For all of my open combs...
  3. haggis2a

    What's Your Brush Today?

    Yaqi Purple Haze 24mm Synthetic
  4. haggis2a

    Your top five soaps?

    1. Stirling Piacenza 2. Valobra Menthol 3. Sudsy Soapery Bay & Citrus 4. Haslinger Ringelblumen 5. RazoRock Don Marco
  5. haggis2a

    What is your current 'go-to' DE blade?

    Gillette Nacet Stainless followed closely by Perma-Sharp Super Stainless. But then again, maybe the other way round! Both work well with closed comb, open comb, modern (Nacet slight favourite) and vintage (Perma-Sharp slight favourite) razors.
  6. haggis2a

    How international were you today?

    Monday 23 APR 2018 NZ - homemade Castor/Jojoba/Petitgrain/Ylang Ylang/Cedarwood preshave oil India/USA - Maggard V2 OC razor, Maggard MR3 handle Russia - Permasharp Super Stainless blade USA - Stirling Arkadia soap USA - Byron black aluminium shave brush 22mm synthetic fibre Australia - Natio...
  7. haggis2a

    First album you ever bought?

    First album: David Bowie - Hunky Dory (on cassette). I had just received a portable cassette played for Xmas 1971 so obviously needed something to play on it. Played that to death until... First LP: was either David Bowie - Ziggy Stardust or Yes - Close To The Edge I have a feeling Ziggy...
  8. haggis2a

    Razorock XXX or Stirling Piacenza?

    I've been using Stirling soaps for only a short while, so I'm not overly familiar with all of their scent makeups. The soaps I have from them (Tuscany, Piacenza, Arkadia) are all pretty complex, with no one scent overpowering the other elements. If there is any lavender scent in the Piacenza I...
  9. haggis2a

    Natio Saturday.

    +1 for Natio and Sukin products. This in spite of the fact that they are both Aussies! :001_tongu Current favourites (and using them at the moment): Natio Rosemary and Chamomile skin toner - I use this the same way I would use witch hazel toners or good old Thayers; Sukin For Men facial...
  10. haggis2a

    What razor/blade did you use today

    RazoRock Old Type OC with Radio Knob handle / PermaSharp (2)
  11. haggis2a

    Looking for more aggression...

    The Mühle R41 is a big step up in aggressiveness, but worth the time it takes to get the angles dialled in. However, it might be sensible to get up to the R41 in increments rather than jumping straight in. I don't know the Merkur range, so I'll leave that for others to comment on. I'll give you...
  12. haggis2a

    DE newbie with a muhler r41

    Been reading the comments about having a slightly rough first shave with some blades. I experienced this for a few months after I first started DE shaving, with second and subsequent shaves on a blade being much smoother. I hadn't noticed this so much in recent month so I assumed what I was...
  13. haggis2a

    I couldn't help myself (newbie RAD)

    Here's something else to tempt you. Vintage Safety Razors reworked Just another option for rejuventating vintage razors (and spending all your money). The Flare Tip is one of the F1s I acquired, and the Tech is an older model from the 1940s. I posted this on one of the threads in 'Great...
  14. haggis2a

    I couldn't help myself (newbie RAD)

    Woohoo! Cleaned up really well. Fine looking razor. There's no shame in going after 'birth year' razors - I recently did the same when I picked up a Fatboy and a Flare Tip. My date codes are a little earlier than yours (F1) so its more difficult to get examples that clean up as well as the one...
  15. haggis2a

    DE newbie with a muhler r41

    I typically use a blade for 5 shaves regardless of whether I am using a closed or open comb razor. However, that statement needs some qualification... With what I consider my better/sharper blades (Gillette Yellow, Black, Nacet) I receive 5 very good shaves with only a very slight drop in...