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Recent content by Hachet

  1. H

    Not a bad combination...

    That's a Crimson PBOCS (new version) handle.
  2. H

    Not a bad combination...

    It's all in the photos.
  3. H

    PayPal now requiring us to give our bank logins to a third party

    Also, if you've been paying attention: Blackrock now owns a significant stake in Envestnet (Yodlee). Seems about right. This whole thing wreaks.
  4. H

    any head shavers use shavettes?

    I use Feather DX, Feather SS, Kai Captain, Kai Captain Excelia, CJB and a few other various folding and non folding "kamisori" shavettes. I use Kai Protouch MG, Kai Salon Select, Feather Professional, Feather ProGuard, Schick Prolines and some generic blades as well. I did not like Kai Titan...
  5. H

    Vector/Proline blade alignment

    This seems almost impossible (obviously it's not) when you consider the tolerances and the fact that it's already aligned by two posts (the opposite post and the center post which is pretty wide!) This is baffling. I really need to get mine out and play with this combo.
  6. H

    Recommend pine scented soaps and aftershaves

    Not the soap but the cream ;)
  7. H

    Vector/Proline blade alignment

    How does it shave? Have you tried? I'm wondering if everyone experiences the same thing but the shave is unaffected, thus no one has noticed yet?
  8. H

    Vector/Proline blade alignment

    This mystery mustn't go unsolved!!
  9. H

    Vector/Proline blade alignment

    If this is the polished version, I can see this being the case. I've also not noticed this problem but I'd have to go back and check. Also, I have the machined heads.
  10. H

    Recommend pine scented soaps and aftershaves

    I'm surprised no one has mentioned La Toja shaving cream. It has a wonderful pine scent.
  11. H

    Too many blades/ one and done blades

    Randomizing puts a lot of the fun back into shaving but there are times when it's necessary to shave purposefully, like for a business meeting or a family gathering. Also, some blades are almost literally a dime a dozen when you think about it in terms of #/uses. That is to say, you can get at...
  12. H

    What Timeless Razor Is Most Aggressive/Efficient? | How do you know?

    Just had my first shave with the aluminum and it feels more agressive than either bronze plate. It's efficient alright but it seemed borderline bitey. I got a really close shave but there were two areas that felt a bit sensitive afterwards.
  13. H

    Tallow makes shaves worse?

    Fake news. See how easy that is? The poster asked for our thoughts. The beef scent in tallow products exists and you can search B&B to find others talking about it. He specifically said he wanted away from Arko. You compared our experiences. People aren't stupid. When they ask for opinions on...
  14. H

    Omega 10066

    I own an Omega with this knot and it's terrific. Took a good while to break in. Same characteristics as yours (few black fibers). I imagine the premium boar brush they offer is just a bigger, possibly more dense version of this knot.
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