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  1. Guster

    Injector question

    I get a great shave from a type N. I tried a type L Twinjector but liked the N better. The N was less harsh for me.
  2. Guster

    No show socks

    I bought some cheap ones from ebay that have a silicone strip inside the heel area that do a good job of preventing the slip.
  3. Guster

    Enough about us; what's great for the ladies?

    My wife wears Creed Love in White and we both love it.
  4. Guster

    Who can name movies or TV shows that have shaving scenes.

    4 for Texas (1963) Frank Sinatra gets a straight razor shave from Anita Ekburg.
  5. Guster

    Vintage Watch

    Be careful. If you buy one then before you know it you will have bought about 30 more. Like I did.
  6. Guster

    Single Edge Sunday - What Will You Use?

    Schick Injector N1 / Chick Blade (5) AOS Peppermint Cream RR Synth. brush
  7. Guster

    Modern Blades in Vintage Single Edge Razors Guide

    The G.E. Jones Shake Sharp takes standard DE blades but only uses one side at a time. There is also a hone built in to add life to your blade by shaking it to hone the blade. The hone probably works best on blades that aren't stainless. Shake Sharp razor by Guster posted Mar 29, 2014 at 7:07 AM
  8. Guster

    Stubble and structure

    :a14: Well done!
  9. Guster

    Goodbye/1,000 Posts PIF

    I'm in! And I'm drooling.
  10. Guster

    Goofy shaving lingo

    A lot of folks shave with an electric razor without the use of water. Thus, "dry" shaving.
  11. Guster

    Do you take note of how much you have spent in total?

    I actually have been keeping track. My plan is to eventually get to the point where I am saving money. I am a couple of years away if I don't buy anything else. I may not ever get there.
  12. Guster

    Does your significant other think you're nuts?

    I made the mistake about 4 months ago in a moment of guilt over a number of purchases in a short period of time. I remarked that I had a "problem" in a joking way and then told her that I had enough stuff to last awhile. Now when I buy something she gives me the eye roll and reminds me that I...
  13. Guster

    New favorite razor

    I works and I think it looks good too! Great job.
  14. Guster

    Single Edge Sunday - What Will You Use?

    Gem 1900/1901 Lather Catcher w/ Gem PTFE Blade RazoRock Plissoft Barber Handle Synth. Brush AOS Sandalwood/Maca Root cream combo