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  1. Guitar10

    Another Williams thread

    175 pucks for my part, I very like the stuff😜
  2. Guitar10

    SOTD 26th April 2020

    This morning I use all my #1 products: MWF, vintage 5/8 hollow ground barber notch straight, Omega boar pura setola,Old Spice After Shave and Old Spice Cologne. It was a slamming shave.👍😜🌈
  3. Guitar10

    Can I buy unscented soap and mix in cologne?

    Because it’s a tallow base soap I wouldn’t recommended to melt it. What I would recommend is to poor some of your favorite cologne on it and let it sit there few days in a sealed container. You could also grated the puck and mix it whit your cologne, I think all other kind of base soap except...
  4. Guitar10

    Another Williams thread

    Williams mug is my go to shave soap, modern or vintage I get great shaves whit it no problems whit it at all. I personally love the soap it’s slamming stuff for me.
  5. Guitar10

    If I had to use only one shaving soap from now on, I would use......

    That’s a tough one hum, 2 came to my mind Mitchel Wool Fat and Williams mug. Kind of hard to decided.
  6. Guitar10

    A Few Words about What the Puck

    I do have 3 of them pucks, Barber Shop, Orange and Lime. They are great soaps and what I like about them is they are triple milled so they will last forever. Just like almost any Razor Rock products very cheap but not cheap results I call those soaps best bang for the bucks.
  7. Guitar10

    Face lather vs bowl lather

    My preference is bowl lather but occasionally I also like to face lather, I often use shave sticks or hard pucks like shave sticks. To my preference I have more control whit my lather when I bowl lather, either way works great for me.
  8. Guitar10

    How To Use a Pasted Balsa Strop

    Ok thanks anyway
  9. Guitar10

    How To Use a Pasted Balsa Strop

    Just a question, you would be interseted to sell all that like a kit! If so let me know! You can PM me Gino
  10. Guitar10

    Your one go to soap for all seasons

    Modern Williams is my go to soap for every season
  11. Guitar10

    Onyx’s hone

    I bought about a year ago that Onyx stone from Wild West shaving co and I have to say that i’m Very satisfied whit the results of it. Of course I use it mostly to refresh or maintain my edges on my straights. I get killer edges on all of the straights that I refreshed, not only I get very sharp...
  12. Guitar10

    Modern Williams mug longivity test

    Since I have lots of other great shaving soaps I decided to instead kept a journal of the shaves whit modern Williams. I did 11 days in a row but from now all the shaves i will get on this puck will be mark down so I could still enjoy my other soaps
  13. Guitar10

    Modern Williams mug longivity test

    Yep, that’s what I was thinking whit the bowl lathering method but i’m Wondering if you use it like a shave stick it will probably last longer! Probably some other time I will test that method to. A puck of vintage Williams should last a long time to due to the fact that that you don’t need much...
  14. Guitar10

    Four-eyed shaving

    Not much of a choice i’m Almost blind whit out them, i do have side burn so it’s not a problem to shave whit them.
  15. Guitar10

    Modern Williams mug longivity test

    My next door neighbor just finish is puck of modern Williams and it last him almost 8 months. Knowing that he shave only whit that soap but knowing that he shave only every 3 days or so. He also used the same brush and same method(bowl lathering), i’ve Decided to test it myself by using the same...