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  1. Guitar10

    What Shavette/Barber-Razor and Blade did you use today? We like PICS

    AlieExpress knockoff of the feather Kamisori shavette here’s the video
  2. Guitar10

    Gold Dollar straight shave video

    Here a video of my shave whit my Gold Dollar 66, it was a very nice and close shave! For some who ask if GD Straight are good you can make yourself your opinion but for me it’s a YES.
  3. Guitar10

    Hoe many use pre shave oil?

    I did try some but really I don’t need it! My pre shave routine works for me, a mild soap whit warm water do very well for me. I found that a slick soap or cream is adequate me the very best.
  4. Guitar10

    Best Straight you ever shaved with?

    Here’s a video of my best straight razor in my collection! My 6/8 grind in Hamburg made in Germany restored by a good friend of mine.
  5. Guitar10

    Strong Leopard Shavette With Antelope Blades

    I bought that Kamisori style shavette from AlieExpress here is the video shaving whit it.
  6. Guitar10

    Speicktember 2017

    Tell you what! I will use it 2 times a week for the whole month since I have lots of different soaps.
  7. Guitar10

    LEA shaving sticks

    Well I have the new formula and it performs really good for me! I can’t compare it to the old formula but I had a bit of problems the first time I used it. After the second use it became very good! No doubt that the tallow formula must have been awsome cause to me the new formula is very good.
  8. Guitar10

    Anyone use pucks like shave sticks?

    If i travel or if i’m In a hurry I will, but I usually bowl lather
  9. Guitar10

    What's your soap for today?

    My #1 MWF slamming stuff
  10. Guitar10

    Williams shaving stick

    This is the results that I get when I use it like a shave stick
  11. Guitar10

    Williams shaving stick

    Did you ever tried modern Williams Puck like a shave stick? I personaly have lots of success using that way. Maybe it won’t be as good as the stick you received but you should gave it a go.
  12. Guitar10

    Vintage Williams vs Modern Williams Lather Comparison

    Yep it was reformulated for sure and to my opinion maybe many times, the texture of the puck is not the same. The vintage seems a bit softer VS modern very dry.
  13. Guitar10

    Vintage Williams vs Modern Williams Lather Comparison

    Good video! For my part I don’t have any difficulty lathering both, I have to admit that the modern version needs technic to work but when you got it it’s easy like 123. Has for the quality of the lather(this is my experience here) I don’t see much difference between both of them, as a matter of...
  14. Guitar10

    Question About CrOx

    I agree on that, I have the green one and it’s a very good paste
  15. Guitar10

    Finishing stone

    I do have the Onyx stone from Wild West shaving co and it works very well for me. I actually do most of my refresh now whit it and it’s a very good finishing stone.