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Recent content by gsurko

  1. G

    Expensive soaps?

    I hear this a lot, “MdC is cheap to use, because it lasts a long time.” Well, for Arko August I cut up two sticks of Arko in my Marvey mug and have been using it exclusively since (I’m a 3017er) I’m reasonably certain that I’ll shave at least through Easter with these same two sticks. (I puck...
  2. G

    That Windsor feeling! My journey with the Windsor from Above The Tie.

    I acquired the Windsor Pro SB90 when they became available and I’ve since gotten rid of every other razor. This is “ The one” and only.
  3. G

    Expensive soaps?

    If I ever waste that kind of money on soap, I’ll commit myself. I am perfectly happy with Arko, Cella (brick) Williams and for a special treat, Tabac.
  4. G

    They Don’t Understand

    I do this for me. I couldn’t care any less about what anyone thinks.
  5. G

    RIP Rush Limbaugh

    We’ll see him again in the new world.
  6. G

    Haslinger question

    I don’t see a whole lot of difference between most soaps. There’s some stinkers out there like MWF but for the most part all soaps work fine.
  7. G

    Why Artisans don't make shaving creams?

    Maybe they don’t want to invest in the machines needed to fill tubes.
  8. G

    Lathering Preference

    I lather on top of the puck in my Marvy mug, leave full brush in the mug after using. Couple of dribbles of water next time a few swirled and thick rich lather appears almost instantly, soap lasts forever as a side benefit.
  9. G

    What are the most un-fatted artisan soaps you have ever used?

    Arko, tabak, cella, Williams that’s all you need to know about soaps.
  10. G

    What did you learn from your last shave?

    Synthetic brushes are far, far superior to naturals.
  11. G

    PIF: Arko Shave Sticks

    Who ever wins ( not in btw) will get to experience the greatest shaving soap ever created.
  12. G

    Arko scented detergent

    sometimes people get off track. Here it happens allot.
  13. G

    Green Cella Scent

    I must be a Neanderthal, to me I just like a smell or I don’t. Notice the use of the term smell instead of scent, yep Neandertha.
  14. G

    How Many Soaps?

    I deserve nothing but the best, so it’s 1, Arko.
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