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  1. grobbins

    Which One Gents? Trumper's Rose or Violet

    I ordered the violet and the company emailed me and told me that they were out of stock, and that I could substitute the rose for the order. After a lengthy discussion I was talked into the rose. Once I received the order I found a sample of the violet mixed in with it. I must say, for me...
  2. grobbins

    What the heck does sandalwood smell like!?

    I Just received a bowl of TOBS sandalwood today, and it smells identical to Dial antibacterial soap. I got it from a seller on Amazon, and i'm hoping i didn't get ripped off. Does anyone else think this?
  3. grobbins

    I'm murdering my neck. Please help!

    Krodor, Took your advice and really mapped my face/neck. I found that on the neck beside the "adams apple" my hair grew in a NorthEast pattern on right side, and NorthWesst pattern on left...During my first shaves, i was going straight down the neck which would be going ATG. I used your advice...
  4. grobbins

    I'm murdering my neck. Please help!

    Brad, Your advice truly helped me today (as well as some small tidbits from others). I was using too much pressure, but today i gripped it with just enough force that it wouldnt fall out of my fingertips, and I let the head rest on my skin before i started to slide it across my face. I didnt add...
  5. grobbins

    I'm murdering my neck. Please help!

    I got a new safety razor set on thursday and did my first shave. I read a lot of posts on here and watched a lot of videos. I still managed to mangle my face. This morning i decided to shave again. Im getting used to the razor, but i would like to think that even a novice would be this bad. my...
  6. grobbins

    Hello from Ohio!

    Hello Phil! I'm also a Newark resident. Any tips on where to go for product around here? I'm new to wet shaving and haven't found any place near that carries supplies. Thanks, Gary
  7. grobbins

    grobbins's Entry to the Hall of Fame

    Hall of Fame EntryWhat is your real name? Gary Robbins What are your nicknames/aliases? grobbins, doc Where do you live? Newark, Ohio What is your age (or) generation? 27 What are you in the real world? Student working towards a degree as a Physician Assistant What is your favorite...
  8. grobbins

    Newbie from Ohio!

    Hello from Ohio! I'm a newbie with 1 shave under my belt (was overzealous and thought i wasn't getting a close shave, so i got some major irritation only to find that the stubble i was feeling disappeared after my pores closed. Lesson learned!) Seen this website and lurked about to get some...