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    PIF Voskhod Bolanzo & Nacent

    Awesome PIF idea Wish I could but I won’t have a permanent address till the 8th.
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    Graydog Brush PIF

    Very thoughtful PIF @Hannah's Dad I’m in. @Graydog makes gorgeous brushes. I lost my aunt to cancer three years ago and while the whole family was visiting her I reconnected with my cousin. He wanted a better job and I helped him get an interview where I was working at that time. We worked...
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    July 4th Contest

    I’m in!! My favorite Fourth of July celebrations are spent with my wife watching fireworks.
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    Another Law Enforcement PIF!! Vintage Trumpers w/tallow!!

    Good luck to whoever wins this!!
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    Thather Boar brush give away.

    I’m in!!
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    Free samples - feedback sought

    After using both samples for multiple days in a row I would definitely buy Sample B. Sample B was a more clean and fresh scent, while Sample A was a much sweeter scent. Which was not a bad scent just not my style. Plus the wife also preferred Sample B as well. Both of their smells lasted for...
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    *Fatip Slant*

    The waiting game is cruel.....
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    Gillette Silver Blue longevity

    GSB and I do not get along.
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    PIF for a new DE shaver

    I’m in!! @NicksDad this is an amazing PIF. Thank you for your generosity. Good luck to everyone.
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    PIF - Gillette Blue-Tip

    I’m in!!
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    Free samples - feedback sought

    I received the AS samples today and I can’t wait to try them. Both smell great. Off the bat sample A has a stronger sweeter smell and sample B has a milder cleaner smell.
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    Free samples - feedback sought

    Thank you!! Excited to report back.
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    B&B Appreciation PIF 2

    I’m in!!
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    B&B Appreciation PIF 1

    I’m in!!
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    B&B Appreciation PIF 3

    I’m in!!
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