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    Pipe Smoker's Holiday Season 2014

    So, what kind of gear/product have you going on for the upcoming holidays? As for myself, I'm still pondering between having a churchwarden and a bent (billiard), not to mention about the spice itself.
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    What Aftershave did you use today?

    Boots Bay Rum
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    The next watch you're eyeballing?

    Casio - DBC-611
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    Is Penhaligons worth the price?

    Price of any scent can be more or less subjective. To me Penhaligon's scents are on the edge of not being worth it. That said, they do have some good fragrances, though.
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    Vetiver AS Splash?

    What kind of vetiver do you like? The lighter herbal kind or the dark and more smoky scent?
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    Alcohol volume in colognes

    Don't let the alcohol volume to fool you too much. It doesn't necessarily mean that the rest of the stuff would be "fragrance". It could be water or something else, too.
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    GFT Eucris = TF Italian Cypress?

    Haven't tried the latter, but when I think of Eucris, I think of blackcurrant. So if it's more or less the same than Tom Ford's Italian Cypress you're in for a bargain. However, it seems that some Fragrantica users think that Italian Cypress reminds them of Halston's Z-14. Having tried Z-14 I...
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    Anyone wear mil surplus clothing? M65 field jackets, etc?

    Just thinking about buying the M88 parka - the Belgian one.
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    GIT vs. Cool Water - Interesting Article

    I guess the author spends some time over here, too. Hi there, love your blog! :thumbup1:
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    Weirdest fragrances

    Weird is quite a subjective thing, but I guess my own favourite is Paco Rabanne Ultraviolet Man. To a millennial it reminds (or might) what it was like to be growing up in futuristic y2k driven world of the dotcom bubble.
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    Need help. My wife and I have verry different taste

    Hmm, I see the difference in what you like. But luckily for you, there are some scents that fall between being something just a little bit sweet and fresh, while still being dark and aromatic. You might want to try the Intense version of the YSL L'homme. Also, Dior Homme Parfume Intense...
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    Getting wrinkles out of a worsted jacket

    I tend to use steam iron for these things. Of course, I won't iron those out like ironing a shirt, but I keep the jacket/blazer on a hanger while doing the ironing. Usually just the sleeves and back, just barely touching the fabric, letting the steam do it's job. That said, I only have wool...
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    A2 Flight jacket

    Oh yeah, I remember seeing Pop's store through browsing B&B (or Fedora Lounge) earlier, but couldn't remember it. That horsehide one looks pretty good though. It's not a problem to spend something along those lines for a jacket, specially if you can customize it while making your order. It'll...
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    A2 Flight jacket

    Sorry to be troubling you with an old thread, but... I've been looking for an A2 style jacket, but without any ribs in the sleeves and in the bottom. Any ideas, where to look?
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    Is it just me, or our beards more popular now than ever?

    Dear OP, Sure, there has been a lot of talk of the peak beard hitting this year - or previous, if your avantgarde. I would say, that the peak beard has surely hit the 20-30's scene right about yesterday, but it doesn't mean that you shouldn't grow one, if you're into it. As for myself, I...
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