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  1. GreekGuy

    Omega ?

    I personally like to let my soaps dry for the rest of the day while I'm at work and recover when I get home. In reality, it probably doesn't make much difference, but I have a large rotation so I think its the "safest" practice.
  2. GreekGuy

    2014 Badger & Blade Awards - Shaving Soaps

    Couldn't agree more!
  3. GreekGuy

    Did you know?

    Whoa, I can't believe I never knew that and hadn't seen it pointed out sooner. Thanks!
  4. GreekGuy

    Soap with Salicylic Acid?

    Dewayne, I used to suffer from ingrown hairs and irritation, which is what led me to straight razors, and eventually here. Using a DE razor as opposed to a cartridge may help in many ways. Certain products are also more kind to the skin than others. However, as helpful as many of the members...
  5. GreekGuy

    The Art of Shaving - Sandalwood

    Well said. Worth is difficult to assess but it really is a great soap, and its nice being to just buy locally.
  6. GreekGuy

    Soap Reviews for and from the Frugal Shaver

    Very generous of you good sir :thumbup1:
  7. GreekGuy


    I think this is the best way to view it. Shea butter can be added to veggie soaps and tallow soaps alike. Same with lanolin. Its just another ingredient.
  8. GreekGuy

    Money is no object . . . and you can have only 4

    MdC Scented MdC Fougere Klar Seifen Classic C&S No 88
  9. GreekGuy

    AOS soap. Worth a go?

    ^Well said The AOS soap is very good. No it doesn't have tallow anymore and yes the valobra soaps are very good. But there is something rewarding about picking up a soap in person from the store. Keep your eye out for specials. At 20% off the refill puck is not a bad price at all.
  10. GreekGuy

    After lathering what's the best soap care?

    I also let my soap dry for at least a few hours before putting the lid back on. If you use the same soap everyday then you are unlikely to have a problem. But a soap left wet in a dark place will grow mold. I have seen mildew on the top of one of my soap lids. So it is certainly possible. I...
  11. GreekGuy

    Thoughts on Classic Brand shave soaps

    I haven't personally tried these soaps, but although the scents sound nice and they are certainly at a good price, the reviews I've read have been less than enthusiastic.
  12. GreekGuy

    An under appreciated shaving soap!

    I do believe this is correct. I also do believe the formulation of ivory in the early 20th century is vastly different than what you find on the supermarket shelves today. I would also argue that standards of a close and comfortable shave have also vastly been raised as well.
  13. GreekGuy

    Stone enjoy after beer

    I had the milk stout a couple weeks ago on tap, its pretty good. Costco here sells the milk stout in cases. If you like high abv stouts, their imperial russian stouts are very good. Particularly the expresso stout if you can find it locally.
  14. GreekGuy

    Barrister and Mann Fougèere -Aromatique or Imperiale ?

    A soap that smells like invasion barbare? Where has this been all my life?
  15. GreekGuy

    Mortlach 25 years old scotch whiskey

    Mortlach is good stuff. Diageo has started exploiting the distillery since Mortlach is an "in" whisky. Unfortunately their strategy is highly flawed by releasing aged expressions at super premium prices. I can't say I blame them for trying to get as much as they can. Mortlach is very under...
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