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    MWF misunderstood?

    + 1. I tried various tips and tricks to make it work for me but never got a stable lather. I got rid of it as well.
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    Lather bowls

    I use a marble mortar / grinder bowl from Target. Solid marble and has ridges as well which makes good lather. Pretty cheap as well
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    First shave with Mitchell’s Wool Fat

    I gave up after trying to get a good lather from mwf for almost a month. Tried blooming, heavy loading and what not. My Stirling, proraso, mdc, Sampson load up beautifully in the same setup. MWF is just not worth the hassle for me anymore. Of course YMMV. I did like the moisturizing effects...
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    Welcome, Greatalok

    Hey there. I am relatively new to wetshaving ( around a couple of years). Got hooked into this by the slick facebook ad from Supply Razer. I loved the Supply razer. This was then I started reading through this forum. Next was the Merkur 34C and paired with a feather blade, it was the smoothest...
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