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    How would you respond to this comment?

    Parking and Standing (for the sake of unloading a delivery) are entirely different things! Keep that grin!!!
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    Gillette Fat Handle Tech Revisited

    In particular, I find the pre-war fat handle tech with the triangular lather slots, is (for me) the ultimate sweet-spot razor! I use Gillette Silver Blues for a great, yet irritation-free shave every time! ...and mine is well-worn with plenty of brass peaking through the remaining original...
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    Wet Shavers' Paradise

    Can we petition a B&B to generate a list / spreadsheet page that members can contribute to? Name of shop, location (City, State/Province, Country), website link, specialty,.....
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    Wet Shavers' Paradise

    I particularly like the "Jazz Improvisation Workshop" sign up in the 2nd story window! I'm 'bout to give Joe Solomon a call for a jazz jam!
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    Wet Shavers' Paradise

    I was asking myself the very same thing. B&B should most definitely generate such a list. We've certainly got enough people on here that are geographically distributed throughout the world.
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    Shoe Shining Disorder. What Have I Done!

    MILES! Always Miles!!!
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    Best New Safety Razors under $20

    Can't agree more! For < $20, one can easily acquire an amazing vintage Gillette Tech (Pre-war or Post-war) in very respectable condition that will far outperform and outlast any current production $20 razor and even ones costing a whole lot more!
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    Welcome, Hans Castorp

    Welcome from snowy Kalamazoo, Michigan!
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    What Hair Products Did You Use Today?

    Reuzel Gray Extreme Hold Matte Pomade + a little Reuzel Blue Strong Hold High Shine for a bit of finish (to slick the sides and provide a touch of shine) = the Ultimate Pompadour!
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    The Great Blade Exchange

    Greetings to the Great Blade Exchange! I would like to request to send: 10 Treet Classic * 4 Astra Superior Platinum * In exchange for: 2 PolSilver Super Iridium 2 Gillette Platinum * Extras are donations. Please inform me regarding where to send the blades and my postage paid return...
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    Back at Badger & Blade after a decade + of good shaves

    Welcome back, indeed, from a relatively new wet shaver in Kalamazoo, MI. We are privileged to have you back in the fold!
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    first pass

    Answer: ALL of it! But I know that I am in a very slim minority in this line of thought! The Jazz musician in me says ya get one shot at any given moment in the music,... so make it effectively say what you are going for!!!