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    Help Me Choose Shampoo Bar-Need To Make A Choice

    I've used J.R. Liggett's shampoo bars for a couple years now, and I've converted my whole family to using them. I used to have a decent amount of dandruff (seems to run in my family), and problems with my hair switching off between feeling dry and feeling oily. I used Head & Shoulders for a long...
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    What fun! Kidney stone!

    My dad's had several over the last couple of years. In one case, the pain was so bad it literally made him sick. In another case, while at the hospital, he was instructed to not drink any water because it was supposedly too big to pass and they'd have to operate. After suffering for hours, he...
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    A concern on contibutable giving......

    Whether it's being stolen or misplaced, there's something clearly not right here. If I was in your position, I would wait until it's resolved before giving them any more, or, if you're uncomfortable not giving every week, give it to a charity you like. If it's not resolved in a timely manner...
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    ....Any MUSICIAN'S Out There?

    About 6 years ago (age 13), I started with a year's worth of drum lessons before I dropped them (felt too much like work, and I prefer learning at my own pace), then I taught myself bass, then guitar, and then I sort of decided I wanted to learn whatever instrument I could get my hands on, so I...
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    I don't care about football, am I alone? (rant)

    I'm in the same boat...and I'm in Pittsburgh. Yeah. :bored: Anyway, my problems stem from the fact that, at least where I am, it's really like a religion. In particular, I've attended several Christian churches where the priests frequently reference the Steelers during the sermon and...
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    If the unthinkable happened

    I would probably switch to trying some SE razors, as it seems SE blades are made for commercial usage and not likely to become unavailable anytime soon.
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    Welcome to the WCS forum!

    John, I just received the replacement Pinaud Clubman Bay Rum; thanks so much for sending it! I'd reccomend your store to anybody.
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    How long does it take you to shave?

    Leg shaving is about 30 minutes.
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    Welcome to the WCS forum!

    That's very kind of you! I just sent you an e-mail. I absolutely understand the need to keep costs down across the board, and I appreciate how accessible you are here on the forum.
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    Welcome to the WCS forum!

    Hey John! Thanks for running a great store; I've ordered from you 3 times now and it's always a good experience. This past time I ordered some blades, an Omega brush and some Clubman bay rum and the package arrived this afternoon. Unfortunately, the bottle seemed to get a pinhole piercing on...
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    Are you giving shave stuff for holiday gifts?

    I'm getting my 13-year-old brother an Omega boar brush that I've de-funked for him in advance, Omega almond shaving soap in a tin, a small bottle of witch hazel, a couple packs of blades, the Parker 90R that I started with, and a gold ball-end tech, all contained inside an old Schrafft's Crimson...
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    Unique Razor, trimmer, and shaving brush

    I'd be pretty surprised if the shaving brush worked at all. It just doesn't appear to be capable, let alone proficient, in developing and then holding lather, both because of the design and because there are so few hairs in it. I wonder how extensively tested it was? It appears that the razor...
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    leg shavers-- what's your set up?

    I have a stick of Arko pressed into a washed-out deodorant container, an Omega boar brush and a Gillette Slim. I'm currently working my way through some Dorco ST-300 blades, but after that I'm planning on going back to Red Pack Israelis. I usually soak a washcloth in hot water and give most...
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    I need some womenfolk's advice in here. Shave Sticks?

    I started out with a puck of Van Der Hagen and I bowl lathered, but it wasn't even close to enough lather for even a single pass for both legs, so I melted it and poured it into a cleaned-out deodorant container. That worked much better, it was more convenient, and I got more than enough lather...
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    Who can name movies or TV shows that have shaving scenes.

    I was watching the Godfather Part III the other day and there's a scene in which Vincent shaves Michael with what appears to be a black Slim Twist.
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