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Recent content by gooser

  1. gooser

    Who's shaving with the oldest razor?

    both are awesome but that bottom one takes the cake in that kit like that !!!
  2. gooser

    Psycho Razor

    some guys have all the luck !!! lol
  3. gooser

    Blind straight razor shaver from Washington State!

    welcome , I am legally blind in one eye and completely in the other eye .. im not in your shoes but can relate as a lot is dependent on feel , me on the other hand have cut myself a few times ..lol.. I often wondered if I lost all my vision how I would shave with my straight razor but after...
  4. gooser

    Can anyone help me date this W&B Special?

    I was thinking the same , if I remember right anything on or after 1890(?) had to have the country of origin to to new trade laws ect ..
  5. gooser

    How did you propose?

    mine was simple .. she told me she wanted to get married on August 28th her whole life , I joked and said hey didn't you wanna get married today ? she said yes , and I said well we should plan it for next year !! a few choice words before and after "you better find someone to do it today" and...
  6. gooser

    Who's shaving with the oldest razor?

    and gonna add another .. this one is set in tortoise shell scales KIPPAX , probably ROBERT KIPPAX , he died in 1775 but his son joined up with NORWELL leading to the mark NORWELL & KIPPAX( or other way around) , but I have read where the son never used KIPPAX as a mark but have also read that...
  7. gooser

    Who's shaving with the oldest razor?

    gonna add another one to this thread .. still trying to find a date .. only HANCOCK in razor archives is Samuel and his business was 1830-? , i know this razor pre dates that and found another razor maker of Joseph Hancock who helped improve silver steel and cast steel around 1770 , but cant...
  8. gooser

    Favorite inexpensive fragrances (under $35)

    lucky brand .. 1oz bottle $5-$10 ,bigger bottle is 4oz (I think ) $20
  9. gooser

    Who's shaving with the oldest razor?

    adding to this lovely thread .. because im in-love with these beautiful old razors ..and would like to keep it going .. unknown French razor , shape of blade and flat dip at end by toe are traits of revolutionary period but without maker mark there is no way of telling .. second is a Shemel...
  10. gooser

    Coticule love... show off your rock

    sites like the above posted will cause me to cut up credit cards and cancel paypal accounts !!!
  11. gooser

    Coticule love... show off your rock

    nice score !! i was up at 4am but didnt see anything like that ..lol
  12. gooser

    Coticule love... show off your rock

    from the pics b4 i bought it the darker streaks from the side view made me think ( hope) it actually was a Veinette till i got it all cleaned up , but i will see how it works out later on when everyone is in bed ..lol
  13. gooser

    Coticule love... show off your rock

    this one showed up today .. 7x1 6/8 natural combo needed a good lapping , havnt put a razor to it yet but i must say it is the lightest colored stone i have ..
  14. gooser

    PIF: Futur for a mature adult

    count me in please !! my views on the BST , i like that there are more items , but i also dislike that there are more items higher priced as a personal thing and not about fee's or where the $ is going , but i go with the flow so my feelings are pretty neutral , ! ive bought way more then...
  15. gooser

    What is your favorite Christmas gift this year ?

    i will be the next self centered one ..lol.. my mother bought me a Friodur 7/8 with a nice worked spine !
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