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Recent content by goatee

  1. goatee

    motorcycle enthusiasts, i have a question.

    i have a 2013 triumph america and the stock pipes on,,, (well any new bike) makes them sound like a sewing machine at best! i put a set of shorties on it today and they sound AWESOME!!! problem is,, whenever i down throttle i get a huge backfire. even several. down shifting,,slowing,, it...
  2. goatee

    where to post?

    ah ha! i get it .. it's a bit different now from when i was here last. but is perfectly understandable. thank you.
  3. goatee

    where to post?

    i have been away for some time now and have recently been considering thinning the herd of straight razors. but i see there is now two areas "gentlemanly deals" and "marketplace". was wondering what the difference is between these two, and where my post should be? i'm not a total OCD but ...
  4. goatee

    Win a Simpsons brush at Shavetools.com this August

    never been to your site until tonight. bookmarked for sure! never had mitchells wool fat either. will be getting some of that as it has been so highly recommended.
  5. goatee

    What's a good starter straight razor under $100?

    dovo best new for around 80
  6. goatee

    shoe advice. dress shoe

    stacy adams, johnston and murphy, and bostonian. ...........johnston and murphy all the way!!!! i dobt i will buy anything other than that ever again.
  7. goatee

    what is your "holy grail" shave item?

    just re-reading some of these. making more sense now that i have a little more experience.
  8. goatee

    Pic of the week!

    this past winter.
  9. goatee

    smithwick's irish ale

    for those with a pallet for amber ale's, this is pretty good.:thumbup1:
  10. goatee

    How do you get your cream out of the tub?

    wooden Popsicle stick. unused. it was part of a carmel apple package.
  11. goatee

    RateBeer`s Top 5 Breweries in the World

    bells oberon. <----good stuff.
  12. goatee

    First Vintage Purchase

    oh no... you dont want that one!!!! send it to me and i'll trade you for,,,,,something else.
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