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Recent content by gibsonx4

  1. gibsonx4

    fwp3's Entry to the Hall of Fame

  2. gibsonx4

    Irritated, WHY?

    Could also be caused by one or more of the following: 1. The moisturizer you're using 2. Irritation from a shirt collar 3. Irritation from bedding while you sleep 4. Reaction to laundry products 5. Reaction to hygiene products
  3. gibsonx4

    Hi there

  4. gibsonx4

    RIP Paul Revere

  5. gibsonx4

    6 shaves

    You're braver than I am.
  6. gibsonx4

    Just purchased a Gillette Tech with triangle slots

    I shaved with one like that on Tuesday.
  7. gibsonx4

    I have AD I Think

    It only takes 2 of any shave item to begin down the dark path of AD.
  8. gibsonx4

    Money Matters

    I pinch pennies everywhere I can shave stuff and otherwise.
  9. gibsonx4

    Some stubble just won't be had

    Sometimes you just need to call it a day...
  10. gibsonx4

    Newbie checking in

  11. gibsonx4

    Texrat's Entry to the Hall of Fame

  12. gibsonx4

    Again, you guys are a bad influence.

    Nice razor. Congrats!
  13. gibsonx4

    Size and Grip

    ^ Good advice.
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