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    Dad's Old Single Edge Razor

    Actually you are right, blades used in GEM razors are used also for other purposes (in wood working, if I am not wrong). With my GEM razors I use the ones at this link: Connaught - GEM Blades But if you look here it seems there are more types: Other GEM Blades However I would just give a try...
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    Weird question. Has anyone here face shaved an elderly dependent adult?

    Have you evaluated to use a One Blade razor? The Core is pretty cost effective, I have it and use it when my skin is stressed. I think it is virtually impossible to have cuts or nicks with this razors. The shave is not super close and the Feather blades are expensive and lasting max for shaves...
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    Tabactober 2020

    KIA during the tabactober campaign. Fought with valor till the end.
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    Cella aftershave question

    While the Green Bio Line smell is consistent through the whole range, from preshave to aftershave, the Original Red aftershave has nothing about the almond. As already posted from others it is a floral barbershop sent with some woody reminiscence. I like it especially during the mild/cold...
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    Liquorice Scented Soaps and Creams

    I haven't all the new and old boxes, but from info found on Italian sites it seems that the White one had just minor changes, while the red had minor, but more significant changes: Red "new" puck: Aqua Stearic acid Cocos nucifera Oil Potassium Hydroxide Sodium Hydroxide Glycerin Butyrospermum...
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    Liquorice Scented Soaps and Creams

    Fully agree on performances, Proraso is always a safe harbour to me, and in Italy is very cost effective as well. However I have the Blue cream old version and the Blue balm new version, in the new version the scent is much lighter, especially in liquorice. I've read also other similar opinions...
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    Looking for vegan soap with no synthetic fo.

    Both Extrò Cosmesi and Saponificio Varesino should meet the requirements.
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    What Do You Reach for After a TERRIBLE Shave

    If it happens I go with cold water -> alum -> cold water -> Saponificio Varesino Pro Victis. Then I skip to shave the day after.
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    Proraso: lotion, balm or both?

    For the ones available both as balm and lotions I like to use both (first the balm, then the lotion). I feel that the balm gives a very relaxing sensation to the skin, then I almost cannot end a shave without a splash! Moreover having the lotion following the balm is good as splashes have a...
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    Mold in my TWSBI 580...

    If you think water and soap are not enough you can use also a cleaning fluid like the Diamine Nib Cleaning Fluid. After the cleaning fluid use, you have to carefully flush the pen with cold water (not for the pen safety, but to ensure it doesn't discolour the next ink you use). I use this fluid...
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    No brush shave

    I don't think you can find it, or it is convenient for buying it online, but when I need to rush I use the brushless cream by L'Erbolario. It is an Italian company making pretty good products (I love also some of their aftershaves).
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    Any good Bergamot scented soaps/creams?

    The Bergamotto di Calabria soap I have, produced in 2018 if I am not wrong, has no hypoallergenic disclaimer. It states 100% vegetal, with citrus fruit extract. The INCI contains: ..., Citrus Aurantium Extract, Citrus Nobilis Fruit Juice, Citrus Medica Limonum Juice, Parfum, Limonene, ... If...
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    Any good Bergamot scented soaps/creams?

    Sorry for the mistakes, just realized a couple of errors: Extrò Cosmesi, not Extra Cosmesi It may generate, not it must generate. Cheers
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    La Toja?

    It's my travel soap, together with a Muhle synthetic travel brush. The two items are really compact and suitable for air travel. Coming to the soap, it's protective and I like it very much. It smells of clean, I cannot get a dominant note, but I like it. The post shave is a little bit dry...
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    Any good Bergamot scented soaps/creams?

    During the summertime I use Bergamotto di Calabria by Extra Cosmesi. I smells like fresh bergamot (pure bergamot, no Earl Grey tea). I use also the aftershave/EDT, you must shake it before using because you can see the essential oils floating in the bottle. I really like its smells and how it...
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