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    three word story

    sea and peer
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    Wife isn't liking Clubman very much.

    I have the opposite problem my wife loves the Veg on on me..and me...not so much...she also LOVES Clubman which I tolerate better *shrugs YMMV :)
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    Are there any good blades without goo on them?

    a quick dip in an alcohol solution fixes it
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    England's badger cull - thoughts?

    a badger with a loving family? wow...can't see that happening at all they are vicious beasties ...unless you mean the Addams family??
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    The Epic Battle of the Upper Lip: DE vs Cartridge

    this PROBABLY won't help....but I grew a moustache years ago and have no problems in that area anymore :thumbup:
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    Would you pay $457 for a Gillette Super-Speed?

    could I interest you in a Maltese Falcon style razor? :lol::lol:
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    Rings you have more than your wedding ring?

    usually a wedding band and my college class ring
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    Jack Black products?

    not to be a heretic but I really like the beard lube ESPECIALLY if I am in a hurry and can't whip up MWF
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    May the Kilt be with you (A post in honor of our dear friend Haggises! :scared: and YES I know the Irish wore them :lol::lol:
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    47 Ronin

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    Who is ready for trout?

    unfortunately trout hate me..I can't seem to land them oh well plenty of other fish yadda yadda yadda
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    Top-siders question

    the dark brown are about all I wear year round
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    This is Manly, But that's not!

    that's not what *I* would call it
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    Shameless Dime Store Aftershave fan

    I have required a love for English Leather....and swmbo loves it too
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