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Recent content by GeorgeSa19

  1. GeorgeSa19

    Variant US Patent - Pat.Nov.15.04.N.

    Hello! I hope it's not too late to reactivate this thread but I recently came across a mint condition set featuring the patent "Pat Nov 15, 04 N" and the British Patent inscription on the case. It also features a G inside a square (not a D). The serial number is located on the comb guard...
  2. GeorgeSa19

    The Mystery of the Gillette Single Ring

    Thank you for stopping by! Always glad to get feedback from you guys!
  3. GeorgeSa19

    The Mystery of the Gillette Single Ring

    Thank you for the explanation Adam. It's a shame that we will never know for sure what was really going on back in the day. I'm not even sure if Gillette actually keeps records for things like this. I think we as collectors, have more knowledge of this matter than Gillette officials.
  4. GeorgeSa19

    The Mystery of the Gillette Single Ring

    P.S: I think the razor could have been made between 1908 and 1914, as this was the year they introduced the cardboard blade holders on Standard Sets. Also, the logo on the case doesn't have the "MADE IN USA" inscription. Here is a picture of my 1914 American SR with one blade holder and the...
  5. GeorgeSa19

    The Mystery of the Gillette Single Ring

    Gentlemen, Happy New Year! I hope this one turns out better than 2020. I recently acquired a vintage Gillette Single Ring in incredible condition. Very clean, no damage found (no hairline cracks or bent teeth). One of the cleanest razors I own (and I have quite the collection). But this one...
  6. GeorgeSa19

    Broken British Gillette Aristocrat

    Adam, as always thank you very much for your input. I'll try this and let you know!
  7. GeorgeSa19

    Broken British Gillette Aristocrat

    Hello everyone! I come back here once again seeking for your valueble advice. I just got this lovely vintage Gillette razor made in England (or Set Nº 22, to be specific) and I noticed that knob was extremly tight and It woudn't move at all. When I applied a bit of force on the handle, the silo...
  8. GeorgeSa19

    Unusual Gillette ABC?

    Thanks man!
  9. GeorgeSa19

    Unusual Gillette ABC?

    Good evening gentlemen (or good morning?) Today I got my long awaited ABC razor that I missed the first time I saw it. The second one in my collection, in fact. Now, as you can see it's the Scroll design in silver with a great looking patina, pretty awesome. It came with an Empire case. What...
  10. GeorgeSa19

    Rare British Gillette Old Type

    Howdy folks! Hope you all doing fine. I want to share with you the latest razor I got and I'd say It's the rarest one in my entire collection. I don't see them around much and I wouldn't know about them if it wasn't for Mr.Razor's website. 1906-08 British Old Type This case features the...
  11. GeorgeSa19

    Gillette Red Tip Version?

    Hello! Three different razors were realised: Blue tip (mild), Flair tip (regular/medium) and Red Tip (aggressive). They were called the Super Speed Trio. They were made for different types of beard. The blue tip was targeted for new shavers and beginners, like teenagers with a few hairs. The...
  12. GeorgeSa19

    Gillette Single Ring vs Gillette Late 40'S Super Speed

    Hello! I find the SS and the british Rocket to be mild razors. They're quite efficient and very easy to use but I honest they could have been better (in my opinion). They shave great if you have just 2 or 3 days of growth, but if you like letting your beard grow then it gets complicated. The...
  13. GeorgeSa19

    Gillette Parat

    Hello folks, how are you all doing? Today I want to show you a vintage razor that I got a few months ago and I gotta say it's among my favorites. I understand this is a Gillette Parat made in England. Now I'm curious about the case, because Mr.Razor's site shows one that says "Made in Germany...
  14. GeorgeSa19

    Polish Gillette razors with a dremel?

    Hello gents! I wanted to ask you how safe is it to polish vintage razors with a dremel tool and a felt/cotton cloth? I know how to clean and sanitize them and I know some of you recommend Flitz or MAAS as a way to polish, but unfortunately these are products I can't seem to find in my country...
  15. GeorgeSa19

    1913 Gillette ABC Pocket Edition

    Ah yes, blitz. I've heard it's good and not too abrasive but I can't seem to find this product in my country. Are they made in the USA?
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