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  1. genuinestyle

    Fine American Blend Aftershave

    Hello, I received the Fine American Blend Aftershave ( new shape bottle) I am not liking it. I read many threads saying it smells like Barbasol shave cream, to my nose it's not even close. So I'm getting rid of it. Located in Ontario, CANADA, $20. Thank you.
  2. genuinestyle

    Proraso new packaging designs 2019?

    In Canada, Top of the chain, now has all the new superformula pre shaves
  3. genuinestyle

    Aggressive, Blade Gap?

    I said to myself do I need the gc84 when I have the 68. 1 pass with the .84 is equivalent to 2 passes with the 68. the .84 with a nacet or gsb blade is like a 4-5 on a slim twist fo me.
  4. genuinestyle

    Soak your razor!

    always, i would not try to get rid of the wax dots, way too dangerous.
  5. genuinestyle

    Used Blade Container?

    I use an empty Taster's Choice instant coffee glass jar
  6. genuinestyle

    Proraso new packaging designs 2019?

    update: all shaving items missing :(
  7. genuinestyle


    the 84p Game changer with HD handle arrived 4 days ago, my first shave with it was 2 days ago. I did not know what to expect from the razor (other than reading reviews) so I threw in a new Wilkinson sword blade (Germany) to be safe. my preshave routine is great and gets the beard hairs upright...
  8. genuinestyle

    Scents You Wish Your Favorite Soap/Cream Maker Would Release

    I would like to see the Giorgio Armani - Armani scent, and the iconic Versace Metal Jeans scent.
  9. genuinestyle

    Proraso new packaging designs 2019?

    The suit case is damaged and items are missing according to my inlaws, I feel bad asking about my shave items, so I haven't. I'll just wait to see what what develops concerning their claim.
  10. genuinestyle


    still waiting to receive my .84, i have the .68,it is reassuring having the blade tabs covered.
  11. genuinestyle

    Pre Shave first time user

    I get positive results with a pre-shave cream, i massage it onto my face for about 2 min, keep it on for about 3-5 mins and wash it off, yes a waste of product and $ I find proraso can clog a razor however this does make my hair stand upright
  12. genuinestyle

    TJ Maxx find

    this does not look like an authentic Muhle R89 handle, looks more like a Q Brother double edge 3 piece razor, jm2c
  13. genuinestyle

    You don’t get what you pay for

    if one has the cash to spend it's up to the individual to determine if that is what they want, need, is it a priority, to enjoy the fruits of their labor.
  14. genuinestyle

    Saluti from Italy

    Benvenuto Luciano, (welcome Luciano) hai provato la nuova linea Proaso super formula ? ( have you tried the new super formula line from proraso?)
  15. genuinestyle

    Proraso new packaging designs 2019?

    Update ( sort of) My inlaws are back from Itlay, they have purchased for me the new super formula soap, cream, pre-shave, and aftershave lotion of the RED and Green line. But the suitcase is still in Italy, never made it on the plane back to Canada. Patience required.