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  1. geneaut

    Personna from Germany

    RBC has them on their site. I haven't tried them yet.
  2. geneaut

    Shark Super Stainless

    I find them a bit prickly. Not uncomfortably so but just enough I don't reach for them very often. I enjoy the Shark Chromes and Platinums quite a bit.
  3. geneaut

    DERBY USTA .... 10 shaves in...

    I bought a 100 last year on a whim. They are better than average blades for me and seem to punch above their purchase price. I think I like the Derby Premiums a bit more but it isn't by a large margin. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone.
  4. geneaut

    Williams Mug Soap, perfectly fine.... don’t hit me.

    I don't soak my puck. I don't use it every day. I load heavily, but not excitedly with a drier brush ( maybe 2X as long as I do other soaps but with far less vigor and excitement) and create a thick, almost paste-like pre lather on the brush. Then I apply that to my face and dip the brush tips...
  5. geneaut

    Cut Out the Artisan Crap...Soap is Soap!

    Can't we all just get along?
  6. geneaut

    Supermax super platinum

    The Super Max Blue Diamond Titanium blades are favorite of mine. I picked up 300 from Connaught.
  7. geneaut

    Starting to like sharper blades after your technique progress...

    I don't know that I like sharper blades better now that I'm more seasoned, but I am able to enjoy them far more. There are times I still want something like an Astral SP over a Gillette 7 O'Clock but when I'm jonesing for a close and efficient shave I'm not worried to reach for my sharper blades.
  8. geneaut

    DE Blade Suggestions (Been away a while)

    I do. Quite a bit in fact. I find them very <comfortable> yet still <efficient>. That said I don't exactly value sharpness over smoothness, and I think I have fairly easy to cut whiskers so I can get by with what many people might consider duller blades. I <feel> like the Derby's aren't as...
  9. geneaut

    How I Defeat Morning Indecision

    I occasionally enlist the aid of my wife. I pick two to three contenders, number them in my head, and tell her to pick a number between 1 and 3. Works a treat.
  10. geneaut

    Chinese Gillette Wilkinson Sword?

    I love my Chinese Wilkies. I picked some up last fall from Amazon and they perform very well for me. Hard to beat for the price.
  11. geneaut

    2020 Shave Purchase Sabbatical - Those Daring Men with their Jaunty Razors & Jalopies

    In my journey of discovery in this marvelous road race, I'm trying to revisit 'unused' items in my supply cache. This morning I loaded up a Shark Super Stainless blade. These were one of the original blades from years back that I ran across and simply said 'never again' after the first use...
  12. geneaut

    Declining sales at the, "Three T's?"

    Well I love Trumper GFT so I’ll keep buying it as I use it up. I also like the Rose products from TOBS and Trumper so I usually have at least one of those. That said I also purchase Stirling products as well. Stirling may be more of a daily driver but my TOBS and Trumper products get pulled out...
  13. geneaut

    What's your go to soap when trying a new razor?

    VDH Luxury. Good enough not to hinder new hardware, but not great enough to mask deficiencies.
  14. geneaut

    I’m looking for a citrus after shave recommendation

    Florida Water when it's real hot. Blenheim Bouquet any other time.
  15. geneaut

    What razor blade did you use today? How many days?

    Lord Silver Star (6)