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Recent content by geneaut

  1. geneaut

    What's Your Latest 100 Blade Purchase, And Why?

    Gillette Perma-Sharp ( non 7 O'Clock version ). Amazon had them for $12 ... wow!
  2. geneaut

    What razor blade did you use today? How many days?

    Personna Red IP (9) retired
  3. geneaut

    The Great Blade Exchange

    If you can send me an address I’d love to send you a donation of blades.
  4. geneaut

    What razor blade did you use today? How many days?

    Gillette Wilkinson Sword - Indian (10)
  5. geneaut

    Brambleberry Melt and Pour shave soap

    Well I went to the Brambleberry website to price out a pound and it appears they don't carry the melt and pour shave base any longer. I think I have about half of my original supply left. Might be time to 'make' some shave soap :)
  6. geneaut

    Brambleberry Melt and Pour shave soap

    I was doing some cleaning this past weekend and ran across some old melt and pour soap I'd 'made' many years ago from stuff I'd bought at Brambleberry. The recipe was something along the lines of 3 parts Brambleberry shave base to 1 part Brambleberry goat milk base. I scented it with some spicey...
  7. geneaut

    Still not impressed with Tabac

    Horses for courses. Just because I like Tabac doesn't mean you do. Hope you find a soap that makes you happy.
  8. geneaut

    Do shave soaps expire?

    I have a few soaps that are at least 10 years old and still fine.
  9. geneaut

    Aqua Velva Opportunity

    AV mixed 50/50 with witch hazel is one of my favorite splashes
  10. geneaut

    What razor blade did you use today? How many days?

    Gillette Indian Sword (2)
  11. geneaut

    What shave soap do you have the most of? How many do you have?

    I have ~twelvish Arko sticks. I don't feel like counting, and some are stuffed in mugs or in my travel bags. 'Twelvish' is probably more like 'fifteenish'.
  12. geneaut

    The Joy of Dull Blades

    I favor 'face feel' over almost any other blade characteristic. 'Sharp' and 'dull' aren't necessarily the terms I use to describe blades. I like a well-used Personna for example, and I'm willing to take one into the teens for uses before I toss it, but at some point it becomes inefficient and I...
  13. geneaut

    When I want a no-nick, no-weeper, no-cut shave, I use Arko

    If I don't want any doubt of top-flight cutting lather I Marko-method Arko. I end up with Arko all over the sink and my chest but it results in a lather that provides great protection, slipperiness, and lubrication. This is often my choice of lather after I've gone a long time without a shave...
  14. geneaut

    What shave stick did you use today?

    Arko, but it's smushed into an OS mug.
  15. geneaut

    Opinions on Arko Scent?

    Same here. Smushed Arko in my Old Spice mug is my typical Monday shave. I'm willing to bet the scent has muted a bit living in the mug but it was just a pleasant soapy vaguely lemony/citronella scent for me. Slapped some Stetson AS over it and any remembrance of the Arko scent was gone.
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