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  1. GeauxTigers89

    Cella Bio isn’t great.

    I used Bio a few times this week, wow. Seriously great stuff, I have enjoyed everything about it. This cream rivals some great soaps, highly recommended.
  2. GeauxTigers89

    Rockwell 6S Matte Black Slicker/Smoother?

    I agree, I have tried them side by side and the finish on the S version is rougher. I can't blame the lather, I've been wetshaving for a very long time. This razor is the only one that I felt drag on. So back to my question, is the coated black version any smoother for those of you that have...
  3. GeauxTigers89

    Rockwell 6S Matte Black Slicker/Smoother?

    I'm a huge fan of the Rockwell razors, my 6C has been a daily driver for a couple of years. I tried the 6S version but could not get over it's rougher texture. Call me crazy but it felt like dragging a chalk board across my face. I even reached out to Rockwell's CS and they told me that was...
  4. GeauxTigers89

    Mitchells Wool Fat Love

    This thread inspired me to give Mitchell's another try. I started out 6 or so years ago wet shaving, Tabac and Mitchell's were my first two soaps ordered. I had no issues with Tabac but could not get Mitchell's to work for the life of me. I tried everything, wet brush, dry brush, grating, and...
  5. GeauxTigers89

    New Razorock Soap Sticks

    I almost pulled the trigger but the $10 shipping stopped me in my tracks. Very curious about them though...
  6. GeauxTigers89

    FS Shave Soap Lot (B&M, PAA, Razorock)

    BUMP - Reduced to $75.00 shipping still included.
  7. GeauxTigers89

    Review: The Artisan Soap Shop Steam (Tallow)

    Great review, I really enjoy this soap. I like using it when I want something "light" scented if that makes sense. Great performing soap!
  8. GeauxTigers89

    FS Shave Soap Lot (B&M, PAA, Razorock)

    Shave soap lot, all used roughly a few times with the exception of the Mike's(8 or 9). I would like to keep them in a lot and not break up at the moment. $85 includes shipping CONUS. B&M Bay Rum B&M Reserve Spice Razorock Amici Razorock New York Razorock XXX PAA CAD PAA A/D Mike's Barbershop...
  9. GeauxTigers89

    Fine Shave Soap ?

    They are pretty good soaps that will last a long time. Scents are great but I agree that post shave is lacking. For a few more bucks you can get into another class of soaps though.
  10. GeauxTigers89

    Henri et Victoria Duc de Santal Tallow Soap: First Impressions

    Yeah I have he new triple milled version as well and love the scent. I'd buy a cologne of the stuff if they made it. I was a little bummed out though, I seen triple milled and was thinking it would be a hard soap that would last ages. Wrong, very similar consistency of most artisan soaps.
  11. GeauxTigers89

    West Coast Shaving Duck Fat Soap and Jojoba Cream

    I received my shaving cream version of Chypre yesterday. It did not like the southern heat during transport, was very melted. I used a plastic knife to stir it and the good news is it hardened up throughout the day in the A/C. Haven't had a chance to use it yet but the scent is great...
  12. GeauxTigers89

    Soap Commander vs. Reef Point

    Not a huge performance difference. I think SC may last longer as it's harder but if I had to pick one it would be Reef Point.
  13. GeauxTigers89

    Soap Commander vs. Reef Point

    I have both and the scents are EXACTLY the same. To the point that I was upset that I have two different soaps that smell the same. Reef Point has the leg up on performance IMO. Blackship Grooming's Shipwreck Cove also has this exact scent. They must all use the same oils.
  14. GeauxTigers89

    What Soap(s) Do You Have On Order?

    Pre de Provence, I'm usually not into large scale soaps but wanted to give it a try. Also, 11 bucks for a soap this hard seems like a great deal.
  15. GeauxTigers89

    B&M Oceana vs Soap Commander Vision

    Not to derail the thread, I'm not sure about Oceana but Reef Point's Test Depth and Black Ship's Shipwreck Cove smell EXACTLY the same as Vision. They are clones to the point I'm upset that I have 3 soaps that smell the same. Great scent though, I love aquatic scents. I would rate them as...
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