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  1. gearchow

    Have you ever liked a razor so much you bought it more than once?

    I have 7 Schick E5s. I don't know why I'm weak for it, I just go along with it. I don't even like shaving with an E type, a little too aggressive for me. -jim
  2. gearchow

    FS Badger Brushes (Batch 1)

    Been wanting to buy an Americana Shavemac for a longtime, but not a bulb. :( Great looking collection. -jim
  3. gearchow

    Safety Razor Acquisition Thread.

    nice! I love those cased Ranger Techs! -jim
  4. gearchow

    How do you store your numerous razor blades?

    I like Astra blades too - was there a half off sale I missed? -jim
  5. gearchow

    All brass Schick injector

    It has the look of a G2/G3 injector. Very nice! -jim
  6. gearchow

    Cased E4 Fatboy Blade Pack?

    nice! That is a sweet set. Anybody know how those fat boys were sold? Did they sell them like above, in a blister pack or have some sort of seal on them? -jim
  7. gearchow

    Cased E4 Fatboy Blade Pack?

    My opinion is that you can always make the set look right but keep on eye out for the item that will make the set exactly right. I don't dwell on it enough maybe, it's not as if I am creating a NOS set by having the exact right blade pack (but still nice if I could). -jim
  8. gearchow

    A Goodwill from Goodwill

    They do pop up occasionally. A lot of junk though and you need to factor in the handling and shipping charges. Not to mention the search "razor" brings up a lot of 2 wheeled ones. :) -jim
  9. gearchow

    Mushroom hunting

    Speaking of mushrooms, can anybody identify these mushrooms that I've never seen in our yard before, but are spread every now: -jim
  10. gearchow

    A Goodwill from Goodwill

    Recently purchased this off of Goodwill's auction site. Goodwill's pics (as good or better then I can take!): It's nice that one can find so many Goodwill razors (and sets) in very good condition. I have a few of the cardboard boxes sets that are in excellent condition. 1930s! -jim
  11. gearchow

    Single Ring Eye Candy

    Much, much harder to find in the wild - that is - not in an vintage mall or online. The last decent* Gillette was made in the mid-70s before they made the Super Adjustable with a plastic bottom plate (I'd consider the mid 60s also). So 55 years ago for a collector to even consider. That's a long...
  12. gearchow

    My favorite brush

    The synthetics of today are light years away of the old nylon knots. I bought a Yaqi Tuxedo a couple of years ago and I do like it. I have 3 nylons in my rotation, but only because I like the handles. -jim
  13. gearchow

    Mushroom hunting

    I pick all my mushrooms from the local Krogers. Those morels look like they would be easy to identify though. I guess too many years of reading stories of Southeast Asians - entire families sometimes - eating deathcaps. -jim
  14. gearchow

    Single Ring Eye Candy

    I still find it amazing that razors this old can still be found in this condition - especially the cases. I will admit that I don't like shaving with a Old Type - for me it requires too much attention and careful shaving. They are just 1 or 2 evolutions above a wedge style safety razor. -jim
  15. gearchow

    Bigfoot Fact or Fiction

    Did you scream back? -jim
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