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  1. gdawg55

    Edwin jagger 3one6 vs Razorock lupo .72

    I have both and prefer the 3one6. The Lupo (I have the .72 version) is super smooth and shaves close, but it leaves behind a bit of irritation that I don't get from the 3one6. The 3one6 is smooth as well, but may lack just a little in this category compared to the Lupo. I get closer, more...
  2. gdawg55

    Electric shaver for coarse grey beards.

    Braun is a good performing electric. I used one for years way back when. Just let him know it may take a few weeks of shaving to get the best results. Face/whiskers take time to adjust from razor to electric.
  3. gdawg55

    Smoothest stainless steel razors?

    The Timeless. 68 is smooth and fairly efficient. I find my Yates M plate smooth and efficient as well. If you want to up the ante, check out the Henson Ti22 titanium razor. Smooth as can be and very efficient....my top razor at the moment.
  4. gdawg55

    How many soaps/creams in rotation?

    I have about a dozen soaps and half a dozen creams. I use them all randomly according to my mood. I mostly gravitate towards my soaps.
  5. gdawg55

    Slant Razor Advice

    I have to agree here as well. My slants don't perform any better then my normal DE razors. Maybe they do for some, but I actually get better shaves from my Henson, 3one6, Yates and Blackbird.....YMMV.
  6. gdawg55

    Slant Razor Advice

    I have several slant razors.....X3, 37C, S1, FOCS, and Wunderbar. I get pretty good shaves from all of them, but the best results are obtained with the Wunderbar. It steps up the efficiency for me a bit over the others and is super smooth. For me it's an every 2 to 3 day shaver not a daily...
  7. gdawg55

    Holy grail razor

    For me at the moment it would be my Henson Ti22 medium. Very impressive shaves with no irritation even when I'm a bit careless. I also find it fun to shave with since it's different than all my other razors. I'm loving this razor and really could be happy if it were my only one.
  8. gdawg55

    Let's see your favorite shaving mug.

    Thank you for the insight. That would be the way I currently load and lather my soaps.....good deal.
  9. gdawg55

    Gillette slim vs rex ambassador in comparison to karve razor

    Might want to give the Merkur Progress a look as well. Not too aggressive on the lower settings. I have a Slim but haven't used it in years so I can't comment on it. Never used the Rex. The Progress is a nice performer...smooth and comfortable (at least as a face shaver).
  10. gdawg55

    Let's see your favorite shaving mug.

    Quick question. How do most of you use a shaving mug? Do you keep a soap puck in the bottom? If so, do you just lather off the puck then to your face? What do you do once you finish shaving? Do you leave the excess lathered soap on the puck or do you rinse it off? I am waiting to receive...
  11. gdawg55

    Do you have backups?

    I have backups to all my favorite razors.....Henson Ti22, Blackbird, Yates, and soon 3one6. My mind always tells me I need a second just in case the unforeseen happens. As soon as I find my favorite brush, I'll probably duplicate it as well. Whatever I don't end up using or needing I'll pass...
  12. gdawg55

    Repurposing stuff for razor storage

    Ha....I like it. Nice.
  13. gdawg55

    The Desert Island

    I would want my Henson Ti22. Always a great shave and fun to use.
  14. gdawg55

    Wilkinson Sword (Solingen Germany)

    I like the German Wilkies. They work well in the razors I use. I find them smooth and long lasting.
  15. gdawg55

    3ONE6 Versus Game Changer .84

    I only have the 3one6 out of these two, but it's one of my best shavers. Always a very close, comfortable shave. I like razors with a large blade gap and neutral blade exposure as they seem to work best for me. The thinner handle took some getting use to, but now I like it.
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