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  1. Gaznix

    Edwin Jagger DE89

    DE89 was my first DE razor and I love it! Perfect shave every time, can’t recommend enough.
  2. Gaznix

    Getting a Haircut during this Crisis, Hmmm?

    I got some clippers last week and buzzed a grade 1. Not had a grade one since I was a I kid. I like it! No maintenance and easy to live with!! It’ll be a shock when I pop into work next but I don’t care, I’m the class clown and normally Centre of attention anyway haha
  3. Gaznix

    Any ATG 1st shavers ?

    No right or wrong way, it’s about what works best for you.
  4. Gaznix

    pasted balsa question

    How do you guys apply your paste/oxides to your balsa? I’ve been painting my wood with a brush that I have dipped in olive oil to apply the iron/chromium oxide. Probably wrong but not found good advice or a good balsa build video.
  5. Gaznix

    ATG Issues

    I think that was the final piece, I have a routine and I think I got a bit complacent and wasn’t stretching as much as I should. I’ve been having issue free shaves since this was pointed out to be and I realised I wasn’t doing the required amount of stretching.
  6. Gaznix

    What's you best drugstore AS or ASB?

    Cheers thanks
  7. Gaznix

    Synthetic Brushes Give Different Lather?

    Yep I’m with Altonius, sometimes if I scrubbed a little with my boar I would get a bit of reaction and reddening to my face. I can do what I want with my synth.
  8. Gaznix

    SR Shaving With Non-Dominant Hand?

    I don’t think there is a normal. To me normal is my way, to you normal is your way. It’s interesting to read others experiences.
  9. Gaznix

    What's you best drugstore AS or ASB?

    How much is old spice in the US? It’s $13 here in the UK which I think is expensive for what it is.
  10. Gaznix

    SR Shaving With Non-Dominant Hand?

    There’s no right or wrong way, it’s whatever suits, I couldn’t do it, I don’t think I’m flexible enough haha
  11. Gaznix

    Synthetic Brushes Give Different Lather?

    Yep I’m a convert, I have 4 boats but only use my Yaqi Segrada Familia now, I love the thing! I genuinely believe it’s the best shaving product I have purchased.
  12. Gaznix

    SR Shaving With Non-Dominant Hand?

    I’m impressed you can shave your whole face right handed!! You must be flexible!!!
  13. Gaznix

    Rate my lather from 1 to 10

    Yeah it’s difficult to say as you’ve put a filter on the photo. Looks a bit thin but good for a straight, probably have to go back to the bowl after pass 1.
  14. Gaznix

    Witch Hazel before Aftershave...Astringent or Toner?

    I use that Thayers but the lavender scent one. Love it.
  15. Gaznix

    ATG Issues

    Lesson leaned, tight means tight, funny what a bit of reflection can do after being pointed out. I simply wasn’t holding tight enough and pulling from different areas depending on the stroke