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    Got called a racist today by a Telemarketer

    The problem is somebody explain how owning a road can make a profit aside from an annoying amount of tolls?
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    Got called a racist today by a Telemarketer

    Personally I'm more confused about taxes = theft... do you use roads? edit: I won't fight about this because it's just stupid but personally I like taxes because without them I wouldn't have the highways I need to get from my house to Buffalo where my state Uni with a tuition discount thanks to...
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    Something to brighten your day

    My personal favorite is frozen in grand central. My friends and I are planning a 55 person spontaneous pillow fight in the student union for the end of this semester. everyone will have a pillow hidden in their backpacks except for two people holding them under their arms. The two people with...
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    Video games

    I'll play just about anything
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    Ipod Touch Case

    I'd say go with a defender, I have one for my 3g iphone because I have a habit of dropping expensive things
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    Mystery Bengs

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    Safari crashes too much on iphone

    I have an iphone 3g and I haven't had any troubles yet
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    Having to put down a dog.

    I am so sorry, I honestly don't know what to say other then you will miss your doggie terribly at first but things will definitely get better I would most definitely paypal a few dollars your way to help you pay to have the vet take your dog to be cremated so you don't have to go through...
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    The B&B Gentleman's Athletic Club

    Did about 20 minutes on the bike today, things were busy. I'm also really hungry for some reason.
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    Whats in your mug? ~ January 2009.

    more dining hall coffee
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    The B&B Gentleman's Athletic Club

    I'm definitely in luck, my roommates are both skinny athletes who keep taking me to the gym. did 30 minutes on an elliptical machine and then 20 on a bike, came out to two miles of jogging and 3 miles of biking, I cranked up the resistance on both.
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    Whats in your mug? ~ January 2009.

    Dining hall coffee :( It's better then office coffee, at least it has milk in it and not powdered crap.
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    The winner of this year's Darwin Award: 2008

    lmao if it is real that is both completely stupid and impressive at the same time
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    Advice to a young kid?

    +1 if you really don't like it just focus on learning the facts because your goal should be an A, you don't have to like it you just have to know it. As somebody who absolutely loathes math but gets straight As in it I can tell you that the tutoring center and group studying could be your...
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    The B&B Gentleman's Athletic Club

    my favorites are low fat yogurt, non sugary cereal with skim milk, eggs, low calorie bread (try weight watchers bread) toasted with low fat cheese, Oranges, grapes, apples, bananas, strawberries, sugar free jello and jello pudding, fish is fantastic when you're on a diet, salmon is very good but...
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