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Recent content by Garlisk

  1. Garlisk

    Brown Leaf Newbie Check-In & General Chat

    Hey everybody! Been a little while since I logged in. Holidays were busy/sick and I missed out on Secret Santa ... much sad... but I wanted to come log in and wish ya'll a belated Merry Christmas and New Year.
  2. Garlisk

    FS B&B BL LE 2018 #13, Unsmoked Pipe

    Posted this back in August and nobody bit...here again with a reduce price! Asking $180, shipped. US Only Paypal only
  3. Garlisk

    Savinelli Kalumet/Table Pipe...current makes or info?

    I recently discovered that this style of pipe exists, and I'm very interested in the design. Does anyone have any ideas if there are current makes like this? If I wanted to make my own, how would I go about it...mainly curious about the stem hose and bit. Would I just get a hookah hose...
  4. Garlisk

    FINISHED! 2019 B&B LE Pipes

    This pipe is so dang sharp. I love it. Apologies for the softie bit. I really like the stems shape at the bit, but for comfort I need the softie...
  5. Garlisk

    Under consideration

    Just throwing my 2 cents out here. Remember that wood dust, the sun and red meat are group 1 carcinogens along with tobacco and many other things. Anything can kill you if you live long enough. Take time to think about your responsibilities and the risks you are willing to assume. Everything...
  6. Garlisk

    Rectangular/Square Tobacco Tins

    I wrapped all my tins, round and square, with Parafilm. If you need some let me know.
  7. Garlisk

    Backwoods appreciation thread

    I used to like these for backpacking or other outdoors activities that were less friendly to premium cigars. Currently I am enjoying Villiger cigars for that purpose, but might revisit backwoods again thanks to this thread.
  8. Garlisk

    FINISHED! 2019 B&B LE Pipes

    #6 has landed! WOOHOOO!!!!!!! This pipe is awesome...thank you!!
  9. Garlisk

    FINISHED! 2019 B&B LE Pipes

    Super pumped. This is my first and only morta...cannot wait to see it in person!
  10. Garlisk

    Cigar Of The Day (COTD)

    Enjoying a pardon 2000, while watching a good show in a state park cabin. Had a HU half Corona earlier. This a solid vacation thus far. Excuse the makeshift ash tray. P.s. @ChefJohnBoy-ardee I think we are in your neck of the woods...We visited the National air force museum today.
  11. Garlisk

    What's inside your humidor?

    So they ARE organized!
  12. Garlisk

    FS B&B BL LE 2018 #13, Unsmoked Pipe

    I never smoked this beauty, and after this much time I imagine I won't. Hoping to keep it in the B&B forum family. Asking $220, shipped. US Only Paypal only
  13. Garlisk

    Is this mold?

    Exactly. It could be that mold is present on all the "plume" because all tobacco might just have mold, period. I dunno. As long as its not the nasty stuff, I smoke it.
  14. Garlisk

    Is this mold?

    Fair enough...but still not science. If we're gonna take the time, effort, and money to prove something we might as well go all the way...no?
  15. Garlisk

    Is this mold?

    I've smoked whatever that is and lived to tell the tale. I think you're ok. Side note: I know studies have been done and "proved" plume is just mold, but I was never satisfied with the organization of those studies. As far as I could tell they had no controls. All tested tobacco could have mold...
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