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Recent content by Galius

  1. Galius

    Masonic Razors on eBay

    Looks like the logo is backwards on the scales...
  2. Galius

    Red Pack Israeli Personna

    There's no link for No. 1, but No. 2 looks like what I've got in my stash...
  3. Galius

    Guess that movie

    Look, I need to know what I stand to win.
  4. Galius

    Tabac with Proraso?

    I make that mix occasionally. You basically end up with menthol Tabac, and it shaves very well.
  5. Galius

    ...but not close enough!

    What's your shave routine? How many passes, etc?
  6. Galius

    The Last Movie You Watched?

    It's the only Bunuel film I've seen. I suspect it was somewhat edgy when it came out, but hasn't aged well.
  7. Galius

    The Last Movie You Watched?

    Belle De Jour. Not that great.
  8. Galius

    Full hollow can't survive my beard.

    That's rough. What kind of prep are you doing?
  9. Galius

    Oh no...lapsing technique

    Have you been rushing your prep? Changing blades regularly?
  10. Galius

    Merkur Website

  11. Galius

    So this is what we get in Sweden?

    If you spend 8 times as much, you'll get a brush that's twice as nice (or if the ends of this brush are clipped, probably 4X as nice...) Not a bad deal for a usable brush.
  12. Galius

    Jos. A. Bank Score.

    When I first stared seeing them I wondered if it was a place where the local hispanic population kept their money...
  13. Galius

    Smooth Coffee?

    If there's coffee oil residue in the coffeemaker it will make it bitter; the oils go rancid and taste funny. Also, try making a pot using bottled water and see if it's any different.
  14. Galius

    Mototola Android

    I find those tiny keyboards to be no better than an on-screen keyboard. I wish they would stop putting them on the phones, they just make them thicker.
  15. Galius

    Two Tabac Questions

    I've got it in the bowl, but there was a thread where a bunch of people used the stick and it lasted a very long time (130 shaves or so). I would say it's just a matter of how you want to apply it, it's a good value either way.