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    Feeling the best a man could feel in one day from a good deed.

    Thanks for sharing ... brightened my day
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    TJ Maxx find

    Thanks Tony. Appreciate the tip.
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    Favorite Orange Scented Soap

    Another nod to Razorock Don Marco.
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    Brush handle replacement question

    Love seeing something that was not working well ... fixed ... and back in use. Great job!
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    Post your Butterscotch Eye Candy Here!

    Made Rite 105 - bored it out a bit - epoxied in a 24mm Silvertip Badger Knot.
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    TJ Maxx find

    I picked up a bottle of the Pecksniff Professional EDT (Lemon, Cedar, Amber) from Marshall's - $7.99. Really like it.
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    Razorock Mudder Focker (any other favorite Razorock offerings?)

    I have Acqua (tallow) and Don Marco (non tallow). Like them both. As mentioned, Italian Barber is having a moving sale and I just purchased 5 different RazoRock tubs. Each was just $2.99.
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    FS 2 Reknotted Vintage Brushes

    Thanks Farmer!
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    FS 2 Reknotted Vintage Brushes

    Brushes sanitized and reknotted as shown. Glued with 2 part epoxy. Each comes with a plastic travel case. $5 for shipping. Started refurbishing some old brushes and I have more than I can use. A. Ever Ready 250. 19mm Silver Tip Badger. Shampooed once - never used. $35 plus $5 shipping...
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    Yaqui Saying this after purchase from

    My Yaqi 11/11 sale purchased brush arrive yesterday here in Colorado. That's about 3 weeks ... For me that's fine.
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    Yaqui Saying this after purchase from

    Agree. AliExpress shipping takes time, but I have always gotten what I ordered. Seems to me a small inconvenience for great 11/11 prices.
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    Lather bros Lone Bear Review

    Thanks for the review. Sounds like an interesting soap.
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    Newbie Paradise

    Yeah. Burlington is great for deals on soaps/creams.
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    Yaqi Purple Haze Mew Brown Synthetic Haircut

    Well Done. Looks like you got it out cleanly.
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    How Important is the Brush Handle?

    I have found that the handle does matter. Here is one I really like. Yaqi Cola. The longer handle makes bowl lathering easy.
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