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    What Was Your Cream Today?

  2. Frozenshades

    Proraso. Do you use it for the scent or it's intended "purpose"?

    I like the green in summer or white anytime. Have yet to try red or blue... Sometimes throw a drop of the green in with another soap for a 'superlather' and that hit of menthol
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    BRAND NEW Copper Lather Bowl - tell me what you think!!

    These are beautiful! ...As long as I don't overflow my dedicated shaving cabinet...my wife won't notice, right? 😆
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    *GILLETTE SLIM/ LATHER BOWL* Newbie PIF - join in by answering this one question...

    No entires yet?! Obviously not in for me either, but this a great PIF. Love my Captain's Choice Lather Bowl and the many soaps/creams/aftershaves I have from him.
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    What did you use today? +Rate the shave 1-10 (10 best)

    Blade used is a Gillette platinum Not pictured: Grooming Department pre-shave, Rose Santal EdT I’d call today a 9/10
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    Soap Acquisition Thread

    Was excited for this one 🙂
  7. Frozenshades

    Soap Acquisition Thread

    Figarose. Delightful scent, mostly driftwood off the puck with a hint of rose. The lemon and fig notes come to life when lathered. Exceptional performance as shown with the soft heart base. Only regret is not buying the splash, but the rose and oud in Noble Otter’s Two Kings is a good match for it.
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    Travel Coffee Gear

    I had a Nanopresso and honestly, it worked superbly. I bought the Barista Kit for it and used the heck out of it. Besides use on the go, for a guy living in a tiny one bedroom apartment at the time it was an easy way to make a fast espresso shot at home and take up no counter space and almost no...
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    Brush Acquisition Thread

    Had my eye on getting a Honey Noir style brush the first time I saw one. Picked up this beauty second hand a few weeks ago.
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    Mess Hall Acquisitions

    Delayed acquisition but this has been my first summer owning a grill and been loving it. Weber Genesis Special edition. The wife is hooked on the cedar plank salmon. I got a Meater thermometer a couple months ago and really like it so far and use it often when grilling (Can see the probe in one...
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    Favorite Cookware

    I first bought some lodge cast iron in college. I have 3 lodge skillets and one griddle. They work, they’re tough as nails, and inexpensive. That being said…now that I have a real job and a house sized kitchen I enjoy the Le Creuset items that have been added to the collection over time. So far...
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    Astronomers! Binoculars.

    I have had past thoughts of looking into a light weight pair for travel. Maybe I should revisit that thought. I always enjoyed using telescopes as a kid but stopped doing much stargazing as I got older. The amount of light pollution here kills the motivation, but away on vacation, perhaps…
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    Has anyone successfully cured their acquisition disorders?

    I feel pretty content with hardware. I ordered a new soap for the first time in many months yesterday. My software buying comes and goes in phases but I’m pretty content with my current stash. I’ve been on these forums less lately which probably also helps avoid temptation.
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    Brush Acquisition Thread

    A new to me brush :001_wub: 26mm Beehive in Honey Noir
  15. Frozenshades


    Arrived today! Gotta love USPS, a month later 🙄 Both the splashes smell great, threw on some Island Time after I opened up the package. Thanks Cap
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