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  1. franz

    My Guess... 3017

    Hi! Long time no post. I thought of this thread today when breaking open a new puck of DRH Arlington. It's good to see this thread still going strong. Hope all is well with you all. Cheers.
  2. franz

    Beautiful cars, really beautiful cars

    This one.
  3. franz

    Ugly cars, I mean really ugly cars

    Some of these cars cannot be unseen. Actually, I admire the guts it takes to put one of these out-and-out monstrosities on the road.
  4. franz

    Asylum Brushworks

    I ordered an Asylum Scanlon earlier this month and used it exclusively while on a 10-day vacation (I do not shave every day, so I gave it probably 5 uses in total). I am hesitant to judge a brush after only a handful of shaves. With that said, my impressions so far are similar to the above...
  5. franz

    Night vs Day Shaving

    I usually shave at night. More relaxing that way.
  6. franz

    Synthetic brush tutorial?

    I think you've gotten some fine advice. That's an interesting and eye-catching handle - hope you enjoy the brush.
  7. franz

    Pick my avatar

    Betty Boop.
  8. franz

    Wearing frag on a first date?

    Wear something that you feel confident and comfortable wearing, and apply in moderation. Then, forget about it.
  9. franz

    I have never heard or seen this posted

    +1. I've done it, and I'm nobody's daredevil.
  10. franz

    The Simpsons Fifty Series Appreciation Thread

    The 57 is the only shaving brush I ever regretted selling.