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    Moments you realise you've slipped deep down the natural stones rabbit hole

    Start lapping and let us know when they are all done, then we can have one helluva honing meet-up right there on the walkway.
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    Fitness watch?

    Sorry, no experience with the Coros watches.
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    Fitness watch?

    I’m a long time athlete as well as being a sports coach and personal trainer. From my perspective it’s really hard to beat Garmin watches for their combination of versatility, performance, reliability, ecosystem and accessories. The only real challenge with Garmin IMO, is the decision on which...
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    What did you hone today?

    I’m not particularly OCD, but I’m not gonna lie: Those deep scratches on your Ozuku are making me tweak a little :shocked:
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    Strop Acquisition Thread

    A month or so ago I received a Tony Miller Plain Chocolate strop, it’s a wonderful strop and I’ve really been enjoying it. A couple of weeks after receiving the Plain Chocolate I got a chance to try the TM Roughout/Linen Pass-around. I found the contrast in texture and draw between the...
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    Wanting to buy a new strop... But which one?

    Yup, Tony Miller strops. Huge fan of the Roughout and Linen combination if you are going Heirloom and are willing to spend a bit more. OTH if you want a fast draw leather, then I’m a fan of the Notovan Horsehide and you can go for the standard cotton to keep the price down. Can’t go wrong...
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    Driving shoes

    I went to a well know rally racing school a couple of years ago and no one, neither instructors nor students, wore driving shoes - mostly it was hiking boots and the few odd pair of athletic shoes. Save the driving shoes for race day.
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    Old Fogies Club: What was your workout today?

    Run: 5.22 miles. Average pace 7:03 per mile. Fastest mile 6:47. Lift: Delts and Abs
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    Old Fogies Club: What was your workout today?

    Unfortunately, that’s the problem we all have to deal with. Back in the 90’s when I had both knees operated on I suffered years of complications (acute and then chronic patella tendinitis and muscle loss) which in the end turned out to be due to the PT protocols at the time which relied heavily...
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    Old Fogies Club: What was your workout today?

    Well I’m sure there are still some Thigh Masters out there that haven’t made it to the trash heap yet either. The fact that someone uses something, likes something, promotes something, or recommends something, is not proof of efficacy or even safety. Physical Therapists, bless their hearts...
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    Old Fogies Club: What was your workout today?

    I’ve been in the health and fitness profession for 40 years, my thoughts: It’s just one of the latest in a VERY long line of BS fitness gadgets. It’s no doubt making lots of money for someone, but those things will be sitting on the trash heap with thigh masters and all the other gizmos that are...
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    Youtube never ceases to amaze ...

    It’s all about getting the views isn’t it? And like they say in the the news media “If it bleeds, it leads.” I always marvel at these guys who are butchering their faces and just soldier on regardless. A bit like trying to learn to take-off or land an airplane by crashing it repeatedly...
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    Pass Around / Give Away Roughout Horsehide Strop Free Sign Up

    Cool, glad to hear the Roughout arrived and you are enjoying it. I liked that strop so much I went ahead and ordered one!
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    Strop Acquisition Thread

    I will indeed.
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    Strop Acquisition Thread

    Nice, those are awesome, just finished with the Roughout Pass-Around TM had going. I liked it so much I ordered one, should be arriving next week.
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