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    OCtober 2021

    Yes sir, I haven't forgotten -- I've been doing daily-doubles with a slant and a single edge (for SEptember), just haven't gotten off my lazy backside and posted the shaves yet. I'm hoping to do that before the month ends!
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    Serious question ... I'm looking for reasons to NOT buy another razor

    Short answer: nope! I've got A through O -- love them all, but honestly couldn't in good faith recommend one over the other, unless you love the hunt and feel like collecting. The only slight caveat is that the L takes a Japanese twin blade, but even with that distinction, I honestly think...
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    OCtober 2021

    Greetings Open-Comb Shavers -- Open Comb October (aka OCtober) is rapidly approaching. This has been an annual tradition for many years -- last thread I found was in 2013, but it may go back even further than that -- and I hope everyone with an open comb razor will join in. Here is a link to...
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    Need help with Slant

    Completely agree, and I do know several folks who really like the Wunderbar and use it daily. I've been threatening to spend some real time with the Wunderbar....I'm pretty sure my schedule of "one shave every 6 to 12-months" is absolutely not helping me with this particular razor.
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    Need help with Slant

    I've got a half-dozen or so (mostly vintage), but for "new", I'd recommend the Razorock German 37. I've never tried the Parker, so I don't know how it compares, but for me the German could be a daily shaver (if it weren't for the other 100 or so razors I have laying around). Here are a few...
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    OCtober 2020

    Absolutely! I'll reach out to @Shutterbug57 and we'll get the party/thread started!!!
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    Is Godrej no more?

    Watching this thread closely....I too am a fan. I'd say, "no way, it's gone"; but I said that about Irisch Moos and Valobra, and I'm tired of being wrong.
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    12ish as well. Sometimes far more than 12 (got 20 once), but almost always at least 12. I can't say the same for GEM carbons (although I like how they shave for the 4 or so shaves I get).
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    One Razor?

    I have a fair collection (triple digits) of razors which span various blade styles (DE, SE, Injector, AC, Valet, Hair Shaper, Straight, and Lather Catcher Wedges) -- I've *mostly* stopped acquiring more razors, but I do enjoy the variety. Admittedly, when it's time to shave, I do stare at a...
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    Saying goodbye to my R41

    I hear you, and my experience with the R41 has been similar -- perhaps not quite as extreme. I just don't like the shave experience and results -- and that's coming from a guy with triple digit number of razors which range across pretty much every blade-style (e.g., DE, SE, AC, Valet...
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    Schick injectors - A comprehensive guide

    I always struggle with the term(s): aggressive/ it relates to razors. To me, an aggressive razor is one that requires me to closely adhere to "correct technique" -- especially for that razor. Too much pressure and/or the wrong angle, and the result is irritation, weepers, a...
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    Who is Who - Our Ambassadors

    Click my Avatar to start a conversation or learn more about me.
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    My new Lather Catcher a 1906?

    Got here late and it looks like @Lord NSIC & @garyg covered it all.
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    Christy razor instructions.

    I can't help with company-produced instructions, but here's a link (or two) from B&B'ers: Christy Co Razors Oh and found a link with a picture of the instructions: Christy Razor
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    Is the Difference in Performance between a Schick E Type and a Schick G Type Discernible for You?

    Wow, what a difference the shaver makes....I mean I really like my G a lot more than my Injectomatics (I have a few Brits and a few American Pals). I've always heard varying reports on efficiency, closeness, comfort, aggressiveness (and other descriptors) between the various Schicks and...
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