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    Floid Black being discontinued

    Bad news for Floid lovers. I noticed it was out of stock almost everywhere and hoped that was just a supply chain issue. This morning West Coast responded to my inquiry and said it's been discontinued. I'm a little surprised because it seemed popular. With blue going away (apparently for good...
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    Adding glycerin to Clubman?

    I love the scent of Clubman but I have dry skin and it isn’t great in the nourishment department. I have some pure vegetable glycerin and was considering adding a little to the bottle. What do you guys think? Will it destabilize the formula and get clumpy or otherwise ruin it?
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    Spring Time Aftershaves

    Spring here in Houston means jasmine and I know one jasmine aftershave- Myrsol 1919. Like all Myrsol, it has a great face feel but it's unusually Springy. I also like Myrsol Balsamic and Floid Vig for Spring.
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    What happened to de Vergulde?

    I love de Vergulde Hand and wanted to replenish my stock. I'm unable to find any in stock anywhere. Does anyone know what the deal is with this venerable brand?
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    Your Splash With the Best Post-Shave Feel

    Pitralon Classic has the best face feel of any splash I know. For me it almost feels like a balm. Smells great too.
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    SOTD "FREE WEEK" May 21st - May 27th, 2018

    A mostly Spanish shave today. Fatip Grande with a Feather blade.
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    Brickell Brushless Shave Cream

    I'm a big fan of Brickell products in general but came late to their shave cream. I'll preface this by telling you my previous favorite creams and soaps: de Vergulde, Musgo, Tabac, WSP soap, Trumper's coconut, TOBS avocado, La Toja, and Lea. I say previous because I have to force myself to use...
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    Organic/All Natural Creams

    Wet Shaving Products, of Rustic Shaving Soap fame, is working on a cream. It seems like it's in the final testing stages. Everything they make is simple with no parabens or EDTA or stuff like that. I love their stuff.
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    Reviving a dried-out cream

    I have a tub of GFT limes that I haven't touched in a few years. There's plenty of goop left but it's turned dry and sticky. Does anyone have experience remoistening a cream? I've taken a wet brush and swept it like a soap puck but if I wanted to do that I'd just use a soap.
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    What Scent Does Your Wife or GF Like on You?

    She likes Grafton and Terre D'Hermes on me year round. I also rotate Lacoste Essential in the summer and L'Occitane Vetyver in the winter. Fortunately, I like all those as well.
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    Comments on Myrsol Emulsion?

    I believe Emulsion is the only Myrsol product with parabens. That kept me from trying it for a long time but a trip to Spain and a €12 price tag got the better of me. I wish I'd never waited. In spite of the parabens it's the best balm I've ever used. In fact I've started using it as a...
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    What Scent Does Your Wife or GF Like on You?

    T&H Grafton all year and Lacoste Essential in the summer. For aftershave scents she singles out Speick but also the various Floids.
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    FragranceNet Reputable?

    I bought my wife a bottle of Burberry there last month and it was quick and real. I just bought something for myself there yesterday.
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    Longer-lasting alternative to Grafton

    Grafton is probably the closest thing to a personal scent that I have. While I have about a dozen splashes and balms and three colognes in rotation, Grafton is my go-to for splash, balm, and cologne. The only problem I have is that it just doesn't last. My wife can't smell it within an hour or...
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    Review by '' on item 'LEA After Shave Balsam'

    This is a cheap splash from Spain with a light herbal scent. There's some sandalwood in there but otherwise I'm not sure. The scent is somewhat short lived but pleasant. For an alcohol based AS I'd say it moisturizes well. There's some soothing to it and it doesn't irritate my (very...
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