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  1. fijiblue

    The Efficiency of the H.I.S.

    I'm still on the fence about the H.I.S. I can't deny that this brush is a great value. It also makes insane lather, and has by far the softest tips out of anything I've tried. I almost think its too soft though. I definitely agree that the loft is much to high. The fibers are plenty stiff but...
  2. fijiblue

    Homemade Shaving Brush Holder

    Nice! Now I know I'm not the only one with a super sweet custom coat hanger shave brush holder. Even after buying real ones I couldn't bring myself to stop using it.
  3. fijiblue

    What do you hoard/stock up on?

    Pretty much this, except change out the vintage Merkur slants with open combs.
  4. fijiblue

    FPO/AP Merkur 23C PIF

    PIF is closed razor is soon to be on its way to Okinawa! Thanks everyone!
  5. fijiblue

    FPO/AP Merkur 23C PIF

    Now with pictures! Still not one reply. If I don't get any response soon the razor will be donated elsewhere on the site.
  6. fijiblue

    Warning for those who like to bid on razors on the bay

    Auction sniper and bid sniper are the two I'm familiar with (though I think they are under the same ownership now). Let's you place proxy bids that are entered at the last few seconds of the auction. You can pick your lead time usually 3-7 seconds before the auction ends. Great because you can...
  7. fijiblue

    FPO/AP Merkur 23C PIF

    So far I've received a resounding ZERO entries! So your chances are pretty high if you submit. Happy 4th everyone!
  8. fijiblue

    Razor & brush shelf

    First of is that a CARTON of Feathers! Second, what did you use for the edges? Looks too clean for a Dremel, router bit?
  9. fijiblue

    This barber says working your brush in CIRCLES will damage your brush...

    Not to beat a dead horse here, but as others have mentioned, if a circular motion "hurts" the brush, count me out. The same can be said with tyres, turning your front wheels will wear them out! Granted I have only been at this for 6 or 7 years but my original pure badger brush is still going...
  10. fijiblue

    FPO/AP Merkur 23C PIF

    After many a long deployment in the USMC, I know how much mail can make a difference. I just purchased a used Merkur 23C from the B/ST and would like to pass it on to a deployed member of our armed forces. Entry is open from now until I receive the razor in a few days. Winner will be chosen at...
  11. fijiblue

    October 2014 Acquisitions.

    Dang AD, I haven't received any of my other stuff but now I've got a Muhle brush comming and have commissioned a UFO handle from Rafael.
  12. fijiblue

    Razor & brush shelf

    Very nice work! I have no SWMBO and a dual sink master bath, but all the walls are either mirror or shower glass. I don't even have a bathroom door, just an open space. I have designated one of my sinks as the "shave sink", but I have to stick to freestanding stands. I'm jealous of your...
  13. fijiblue

    Shaving ad collection?

    Wow there are some cool ads on there. Thanks for the link. I wish I could help more with your shave search. Maybe try contacting some of the companies still in business directly, I'm sure they have some old stuff on archive.
  14. fijiblue

    Mach 3 EDWIN JAGGER razor handles - do they come off?

    With enough money and the right contacts/tools anything is possible. With a steady hand you could most likely cut off the M3 head and drill/tap the hole to accept a DE head. For the effort though it might be simpler to shell out $50 and have a custom handle turned out of the material of your choice.
  15. fijiblue

    How difficult is restoration?

    With regards to setting the knot, what have all the veteran restorers found to be the best adhesive? Will a simple 2-part epoxy work or is there something better? Obviously it needs to be waterproof, but other than that I don't know what the desirable characteristics are. Also, how much does...