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  1. Fiend606

    The "best" hair clippers for home/DIY use? Andis vs. Wahl vs Oster

    I use Oster Fast feeds. Just replaced the blades after almost 20 years. Clippers have paid for themselves at least 20 times over so far. I got new Oster metal blades then decided to try the Andis ceramic "upgrade"(total cost for both blades was under 30 dollars). So I still have a new metal...
  2. Fiend606

    Conditioner for a lather hog

    My 830 was a lather hog/lather eater. Seemed to me like its an issue with the inner channel of the brush not getting wet towards the handle. Soak it, force water down into the brush with the faucet, pump it a bit under water to splay out the brush and get air out of the brush channel and...
  3. Fiend606

    Favorite All Purpose Gym Shoes?

    New Balance Minimus for lifting. For lots of running or walking Brooks Beast.
  4. Fiend606

    Do form fitting underwear trap the heat? And other questions

    With duluth you really need to follow the care instructions. They clean and dry easily so delicate cycle in the washer and low heat in the dyer and mine hold up just fine....don't use fabric softener either as its not necessary in my opinion/experience. I wash my socks and underwear together...
  5. Fiend606

    Do form fitting underwear trap the heat? And other questions

    This is what I did as well. I originally bought a pair and grumbled about the price....wore them the first time to work and immediately went and bought several more pairs and never looked back....I have 12 pairs now and buy more every couple months when I see them on sale.
  6. Fiend606

    Can someone suggest a good pipe Tobacco?

    I just got some Boswells tobacco.....I really enjoyed Northwoods and Cup Cake. Both smoked extremely well in my cob. I'm about to try Northwoods for a second time to see if my first impression holds up.
  7. Fiend606

    Why buy a filtered pipe?

    I like aromatic tobacco and don't use a filter in my cobs but if I smoke a non-aromatic I find that using a filter smooths things out better for me. I can't tolerate dark birds eye without a filter but if I use one I can smoke a whole pipe and still get a nic hit without my mouth and throat...
  8. Fiend606

    Seiko 5

    I got a set of cheap watch tools off amazon for ~$25 about 8 months ago when I bought two watches with bracelets from Jomas shop and local places wanted 25 bucks each to adjust the sizes for me. Not quality tools by any stretch of the imagination but work fine. I adjusted my bracelets and have...
  9. Fiend606

    Best Sweats?

    I got hooked on the gym pants that were popular in the mid to late 80s. I recently lost a lot of weight(105 pounds) working at a sorting hub for a major shipper. I want to get back into the gym again and try to get back some strength. Anyway I tracked down a company that still makes them and...
  10. Fiend606

    Best boar brushes under $30

    I was under the impression that its the heat from soaking hot water that damages the glue in the handle. I was also under the impression that not soaking a boar leads to bristle loss and shedding because the shaft of the bristle is brittle when dry and flexing it while dry will cause it to...
  11. Fiend606

    White's boots rough out leather?

    I contacted Nicks with some questions about the Traveler and possible customizations. They tried to steer me clear of the boot and sole and up sold me on a more expensive option. I'm kind of on the fence as how to take it.....I already knew the crepe sole would wear more quickly and I don't...
  12. Fiend606

    breaking in a brush hack?

    I tried soaking my boar brushes for 3 days at room temp. and then after they dried soaking them while I was at work and then drying them while I was home and sleeping. I repeated that for two weeks with a new semogue 620 and an Omega 10066. I worked them on a towel after each soaking. I...
  13. Fiend606

    White's boots rough out leather?

    Thanks....The Traveler from nicks seems to tick most boxes and it can be made with a composite toe which was a major trade off with the White's since I need to pass through a metal detector at work. Now I have too many options.....let the analysis paralysis ensue.
  14. Fiend606

    White's boots rough out leather?

    I figure that if I have to resole every 18 months it would still be worth it and the cost shouldn't be more than buying 150 to 200 dollar new boots that are going to be hit or miss in comfort and durability. I'm currently waiting on a response from whites on whether some customizations I want...
  15. Fiend606

    White's boots rough out leather?

    The premium construction boot has a medium arch. I don't have high arches so don't think it would be an issue for me. 20 years ago I had a pair of redwings with a flat wedge style sole(not crepe though) when I worked in a warehouse and it was my favorite boot ever and when I went back to get new...