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Recent content by Fgl28

  1. Fgl28

    What's Your Breakfast?

    So many breakfasts. No real set breakfasts except when I hit the Diner twice a week. Or if I am at home. The one thing, a grilled bagel with butter or cream cheese with ripe tomatos. Bacon and or sausage. Breakfast croissant. Or omelette or take away Dim Sum or Phó or Chinese Beef noodles...
  2. Fgl28

    Kangaroo Pouch Underwear

    Earth Shorts
  3. Fgl28

    Favourite steak spice?

    Freshly Ground Pepper and Sea Salt, Either Fluer de Sal, Pink Himalayan Salt, or, my favorite, Pacific Ocean Sea Salt: Hawaiian Japanese Or Korean. The minerals in the various salts give it slightly different taste. BBQ to your preferred level of donenrss and let it rest. A well marveled steak...
  4. Fgl28

    Got my first cast iron pans

    On New Years Day I always reseason the cast iron. It seems to help.
  5. Fgl28

    Do you teach your kids bad habits??

    In having a 20 year old who has been a foodies since she went off baby food, it is very simple. Give them a voice in the meal. Now it meant that we had pea leaves multiple times a week for awhile or having roasted Brussels sprouts during the summer but it worked. Give them choices either type or...
  6. Fgl28

    Where wear my suits?

    Wear it to work. It will freak people out thinking you are interviewing.
  7. Fgl28

    Casio seen as cheap?

    You can become a reverse snob by wearing a Casio. The husband of a friend works for a major investment bank. And he is a Bespoke Clothes Horse. He is on the level that he should be wearing a gold Rolex Daytona or an IWC. Yet he wears A G-Shock. Just to show he does not care about watches.
  8. Fgl28

    Food Nostalgia

    It is kinda funny how Today's foodies abhor liver wurst but call it pate....... The Koreans have a Tongue BBQ that I wish I was served when I was a kid. I miss Swisssteak, mashed potatoes and canned green beans
  9. Fgl28

    Any cottage cheese recipes?

    Just a drizzling of A1. Or homemade salsa with crushed up tortilla chips. Or fruit with a lite sprinkle of chile powder. Or chopped scallions mixed in with salt and pepper spread on pumpernickel toast.
  10. Fgl28

    Friend asked those 'ultimate stir fry pans' . I dunno and i request your input

    We use traditional Woks or Saucier or Evasee Pans. Like a small wok with a handle
  11. Fgl28

    Question about short ribs.

    Follow up on boneless short ribs. As. Write this my belly is full of boneless short ribs. Approximately 20-24 minutes under broiler in toaster oven. An experiment. Salt and pepper seasoning. You gotta check the doneness. Juicy and tasty. A good Pinot makes it better.
  12. Fgl28

    Question about short ribs.

    No, no, that is delicious. I have bought and used the boneless short ribs for Galbi. It was amazing.
  13. Fgl28

    List Your Top Three Hot Sauces

    1. Sriracha (the one by Huy Fong Foods) 2. Chula 3. Tabasco
  14. Fgl28

    I'm Sick Food Recipe

    Kim Chee, lots of Kim Chee. Cocidio, red Jello, saltines and Ginger beer, congee.
  15. Fgl28


    Country Ribs Garlic Salt Pepper Cumin Oregano Onion All eyeballed 8-10 hours on medium in slow cooker. Crisp in cast iron with fat from cooking. Fresh Tortillas from Taqueria Fresh salsa Respado Margaritas
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